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Unit 11 Vocab

WordDefinitionSynonymsAntonymsSentence 1Sentence 2
allude (v.) to refer to casually or indirectly suggest, insinuate, hint at, intimate In his speech, the candidate_________to his opponent's lack of military experience. My boss _____ that there would be a bonus at the end of the year when he said that my performance would be rewarded.
clairvoyant (adj.) supernaturally perceptive; (n.) one who posesses extransensory powers, seer insightful, discerning, uncanny, visionary blind, unseeing, myopic, dense, imperceptive Few people are taken in by the _________clairvoyant pronouncements of fortune-tellers and mediums. The police sometimes use _______ to help them solve difficult missing-person cases.
conclusive (adj.) serving to settle an issue; final decisive, indisputable, convincing, definitive unsettled, provisional, indefinite When they weighed all the evidence in the case, the members of the jury found the testimony of the expert witness to be conclusive. Science does not have a ________ scientific theory about the phenomenon.
disreputable (adj.) not respectable, not esteemed disgraceful, discreditable, shady honest, aboveboard, respectable, creditable Supermarket tabloids frequently publish stories about the ________ disreputable behavior of celebrities. Stealing is a ________ way to make a living.
endemic (adj.) native or confined to a particular region or people; characteristic of or prevalent in a field indigenous, restricted to alien, foreign, extraneous Scientists have yet to identify many plant and animal species __________ to the rain forests. Certain diseases are _______ to the tropical regions like Malaria and yellow fever.
exemplary (adj.) worthy of imitation, commendable; serving as a model praiseworthy, meritorious, sterling, illustrative infamous, notorious, scandalous, disreputable The Medal of Freedom is awarded to U.S. civilians for ________ achievements in various fields Mark's writing skills were so ______ that the teacher held him up as a model for all students to follow.
fathom (v.) to understand, get to the bottom of; to determine the depth of; (n.) a measure of depth in water grasp, comprehend, figure out, plumb It is sometimes difficult to _________ the motives behind another person's actions. The great passenger liner Titanic still lies buried several thousand ________ beneath the ocean's surface.
guile (n.) tracherous cunning deceit trickery, duplicity, chicanery candor, artlessness, naivete, plain dealing Folklore has it that a serpent's most outstanding trait is ________, just as a fox's is craftiness. After meeting Charlotte, I knew I could not trust her motives; her every word and facial expression betrayed her __________.
integrity (n.) honesty, high moral standards; an unimpaired condition, completeness, soundness rectitude, probity dishonesty, corruption, turpitude Scholars debated the _______ of the text of a newly discovered poem attributed to Shakespeare. Jan is a person of such great _______ that I trusted her with all my money.
itinerary (n.) a route of travel; a record of travel; a guidebook schedule, program Tour companies regularly provide potential customers with detailed _______ of the trips they offer. My father's _____ for our vacation included stops at three historical battlefields in the South.
misconstrue (v.) to interpret wrongly, mistake the meaning of misjudge, misinterpret Young children sometimes _________ their parents' motives. Someone could easily ________ your meaning when you say it like that.
obnoxious (adj.) highly offensive, arousing strong dislike disagreeable, repugnant, hateful, odious agreeable, pleasing, engaging, personable The speeches Hitler delivered at the Nuremberg rallies were full of racial slurs and other ________ language. The child that was screaming and throwing a fit was very ____________.
placate (v.) to appease, soothe, pacify satisfy, mollify, allay, conciliate vex, irk, provoke, exasperate, annoy Sponsors of the controversial bill modified some of its original provisions in order to _________ the opposition. Sam said he would do as she asked just to ________ her.
placid (adj.) calm, peaceful undisturbed, tranquil, quiet, serene stormy, agitated, turbulent, tempestuous There was no wind to disturb the ______ surface of the lake. The ______ principal was not angry that I was sent to his office.
plagiarism (n.) passing off or using as one's own the writing (or other materials) of another person piracy, theft Theft of an author's ideas is far more difficult to prove in court than word for word _________. Students need to write their papers in their own words or they could be accused of ____________.
potent (adj.) powerful; highly effective mighty, formidable, forceful weak, inept, feckless, powerless, ineffective Music has been called the most _____ agent for inducing people to forget their differences and live in harmony. The chemicals are _______ enough to eat through metal.
pretext (n.) a false reason, deceptive excuse pretense, cover story, rationale, evasion I sought some _____ for excusing myself from the weekly staff meeting I did not want to attend. The process server got Mrs Smith to identify herself on the __________ that she was receiving a prize.
protrude (v.) to stick out, thrust forth project, jut out, bulge Dentists commonly use various kinds of braces to correct the alignment of teeth that _______ or are crooked. The pipe will ________ from the wall if it is not completely inserted.
stark (adj.) harsh, unrelieved, desolate; (adv.)utterly unrelieved sheer, downright, grim, bleak, absolutely bright, cheerful, embellished, ornate Many a young idealist has found it difficult to accept the ______ realities of life. By the end of his brief reign, the Roman emperor Caligula was clearly _______ raving mad.
superficial (adj.) on or near the surface; concerned with or understanding only what is on the surface, shallow skin-deep, insubstantial, cursory, slapdash deep, profound, thorough, exhaustive A ________ analysis of a complex problem is not likely to produce a viable or long-lasting solution. The _______ cut barely bled at all.
Created by: mlaughlin61
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