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McCormack- AcidsBase

McCormack -Acid Base Solutions Vocabulary

A mixture that looks the same through out. Homogeneous Solution
Transformation of a liquid to a gas (water = 100 degree C) Boiling Point
Transformation of a gas to a liquid (water = 100 degree C) Condensation
Transformation of a solid to a liquid (water = 0 degree C) Melting Point
Transformation of liquid to solid (water = 0 degree C) Freeze Point
The substances physical properties are changed without a change in its chemical prop. Physical Change Definition
New substance produced with different chemical properties (make a gas or precipitant) Chemical Change Definition
Physical ability to disolve into some other substance Solubility
H+ A positively charged ion, indicates an acid
OH- A negatively charged ion, indicates a base
NaCl dissolving in H2O Example of Physical change
Baking soda reacts with vinegar Examples of Chemical change
A point on a pressure & temperature graph where a substance exists in 3 states (SLG) Triple Point
Substance being disolved (NaCl or Sugar) Solute
Substance doing the disolving (water or oil) Solvent
The ability of a solution to transfer a charge Conductivity
The amount(g) of a solute disolved in a solvent(ml). units = g/100 ml or ppm Concentration
A weaker solution (not saturated) Diluted Solution
A stronger solution that will not disolve more solute. units = g/100 ml Saturation Solution
The evaporation of a solid directly into a gas (dry ice into vapor) Sublimation
Radioactivity The decay of an unstable isotope into something else
Half Life The time it takes for 1/2 of a radioactive substance to turn into something else.
Alpha Decay when an isotope gives of a He particle
Beta Decay when an isotope gives of an electron
Gamma Decay when an isotope gives of dangerous waves of gamma radiation,
Carbon-14 A radioactive isotope of Carbon-12, decays into nitrogen-14
Carbon-14 half life 5,730 years
The three levels of saturation are Diluted, Concentrated, Saturated
The Dead Sea is a good example of a __________ solution Saturated
Weak Iced Tea is a good example of ___________ solution Diluted
The pH of pure water 7
The pH of an acid 0-7
The pH of a base 7-14
Created by: fmccormack