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Addison disease, and decreased adrenal cortex function are treated with what medication? Glucocorticoids
What type of medications increase your susceptibility to infections? Glucocorticoids
What type of medication has a side effect of an increased risk of hyperglycemia, insulin resistance and decreases the control of blood glucose levels? Glucocorticoids
What type of medication may have a side effect of causing glaucoma? Glucocorticoids... note: Antimalarial drugs can also cause retinal problems
What type of medication may cause mood swings and psychoses? Glucocorticoids
What type of medication may cause a drug induced cushings syndrome? Glucocorticoids
What type of medication may have catabolic effects of the ms, bone (drug induced OP), ligaments, tendons, and skin(easy bruising)? Glucocorticoids
What type of nonendocrine conditions may glucocorticoids be used for? RA (for antiinflammatory and immunisuppressive effects), symptoms of other collagen diseases and rheumatic disorders
What is glucocorticoids used as? as an anti-inflammatory agent
What is the mechanism of action behind glucocorticoids? they inhibit production of prostoglandins and leukotrienes. supresses the migration of magrophages, stabilizes the lysosomal membrane, inhibits hypersensitivity and allergic reactions, acting as an immunosuppressant
Name some glucocorticoids prednisone, hydrocortisone, dexamethasome, aldosterone (things that end in -one)
What are the pharmacological effects of acetaminophen? analgesic, antipyretic, NOT AN ANTIINFLAMMATORY
What do NSAIDS do and how do they work? anti-inflammatory, mild to moderate analgesia, antipyretic, anticoagulant, work by inhibition of prostoglandins
What is an advantange to COX 2 inhibitors they mainly target cox 2 enzymes and dont really target as much cox 1 (GI tract maintenance) so you get less GI problems and the drug is more specifically geared toward inhibiting synthesis of inflammatory prostoglandins
What is a disadvantage to COX 2 inhibitors you have increased risk for stroke of MI, raises BP,
What are some of the advantages of aspirin? analgesic, anti-inflammatory, may prevent CA, inhibits platelet induced thrombosis..(thromboxanes, which facilitate blood clot formation)come from prostoglandins
What are some disadvantages to Aspirin? GI problems, peptic ulcers, reyes syndrome in kids
What are some atvantages to acetaminophen no GI irritation, OTC, may block cox3 enzyme
What are some disadvantages to acetaminophen toxic to liver, esp c ETOH
Tylenol is a type of acetaminophen
Advil is a type of.. IBU, NSAID
DMARDS are more popular in what type of arthritis? RA as well as other rheumatic conditions such as SLE, myasthenia gravis, chrones disease
DMARDS work by ... inhibiting TNF, DNA RNA synthesis of the precursers of lymphocytesiting some WBC maturation, and inhib so basically it acts as an immunosuppressant.
What are some examples of DMARDS? antimalarial, etanercept (TNF blocker), methotrexate (impairs DNA synthesis by inhibiting purine biosynthesis), azanthioprine (effects DNA, RNA precursers), leflunomide(inhibits RNA precursers of lymphocytes),gold therapy, penicill(tcell)
Etanercept(enbrel)is a type of DMARD that TNF blocker
methotrexate is a type of DMARD that impairs DNA synthesis by inhibiting purine biosynthesis),
azanthioprine is a type of DMARD that (effects DNA, RNA precursers)
leflunomideis a type of DMARD that inhibits RNA precursers of lymphocytes
gold therapy inhibits phagocyte maturation, supresses synovial inflammation during active RA
penicillamine chelator of heavy metals slows the tcell function
What can cause reyes syndrome in kids asprin (NSAID)
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