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Indian Terms

Vocabulary and Terms of Indian

Hinduism major religion of india
Hindu a person who follows hinduism
Reincarnation the belief that the soul of a person returns to live in a new body
Vegetarian a person who does not eat meat or fish
Caste the belief that the soul of a person position in life is determined by the group he or she is born into
Yoga a popular form of meditation and exercise used by hindus to relax the mind and body
Hindi official language of india
Rupee currency in india
Dhoti indian man trouser that is a long piece of fabric wrapped around the waist and then drawn up betwenn the legs
Sari traditional dress worn by indian women cosisting of a blouse long skirt and draped sholder cloth
Turban warred fabric headdress worn by indian men
Shiva poppular hindu god who rules over life and death
Taj Mahal world-famous white marble teple in india noted for its use of balance and symmetry
Monsoon the season in india characterized by hravy rainfall
Bullock indian farmer method of plowing the fieds wih wooden plows pulled b oxen
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