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What can often create demand for a product by bringing it onto the market and advertising it. Corporations
Technological systems can impact the world in a variety of ways, and can be both positive and negative.
Brainstorming is a term used to describe the process of trying to generate a variety of ideas to meet a particular need or solve a problem.
Culture The behavior, attitude or beliefs of a particular group that one identifies with
POPULATION the entire group that could possibly represent the kind of people that the researcher would like to study in a survey.
Technology impacts culture, society, economics and the environment
Technology, by itself, is neither good nor bad, but decisions about the use of products and systems can result in desirable or undesirable consequences.
The management of waste produced by technological systems is an important ______________ issue. societal issue.
Technologies can be used to repair damage caused by natural disasters and to break down waste from the use of various products and systems.
Environmental and Economic concerns influence decisions to develop and use technologies.
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