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10 Codes

what is 10-1? Receiving poor on the radio transmission
what is 10-2? Receiving good on the radio transmission
what is 10-4? Message has been received and acknowledged
what is 10-5? Relay the message to...
what is 10-6? Busy and not available for calls
what is 10-7? Out of service for the time being
what is 10-8? In service and ready to take calls
what is 10-9? Repeat last radio traffic
what is 10-10? Out of service or off shift
what is 10-12? Cannot transmit due to a person's actions or info(they have warrants or stolen property that cant be transmitted over radio)
what is 10-13? Weather and road conditions
what is 10-14? Transporting
what is 10-15? Subject in custody
what is 10-17? Jumping the traffic or cutting off messages
what is 10-18? Radio and equipment check
what is 10-19? Return to... Arrive to...
what is 10-20? Location
what is 10-21? You have a phone call or message at the station
what is 10-22? Cancel last transmission
what is 10-23? Stand by for traffic or information
what is 10-27? Requesting driving record history
what is 10-28? Requesting vehicle registration check
what is 10-29? Requesting a check for warrants and wants
what is 10-33? Alarm or security system going off
what is 10-36I? Officer safety code if the reporting person shows a history of weapons, resisting arrest, narcotics use, and or a mental illness
what is 10-36P? Officer safety code to relay before giving info about the reporting person's probation or parole
what is 10-39? Message has been delivered
what is 10-50? Case or incident number
what is 10-66? Suspicious or out of the norm
what is 10-85? Area check and patrol
what is 10-86? Request for calls
what is 10-91? Dead animal
what is 10-91D / 10-91C? Dead dog / cat
what is 10-92? Vicious and/or dangerous animal
what is 10-97? Arrived on the scene
what is 10-98? Finished last assignment
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