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MGMT 101

Chapter 2

Business Ethics Standards of conduct and moral values regarding right and wrong actions in the work environment
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Rules and regulations for securities trading and accounting practices
Conflict of Interest Situation in which an employee must choose between a business's welfare and personal gain
Integrity Adhering to deeply felt ethical principles in business situations
Whistle-blowing Employee's disclosure to company officials, government authorities, or the media of illegal, immoral, or unethical practices committed by an organization
Code of Conduct Formal statement that defines how an organization expects its employees to resolve ethical issues
Stakeholders Customers, investors, employees, and public affected by or with an interest in a company
Social Responsibility Business's consideration of society's well-being and consumer satisfaction, in addition to profits
Social Audits Formal procedures that identify and evaluate all company activities that relate to social issues such as conservation, employment practices, environmental protection, and philanthropy
Recycling Reprocessing of used materials for reuse
Green Marketing A marketing strategy that promotes environmentally safe products and production methods
Sustainable The capacity to endure in ecology
Corporate Philanthropy Effort of an organization to make a contribution to the communities in which it earns profits
Consumerism Public demand that a business consider the wants and needs of its customers in making decisions
Product Liability The responsibility of manufactures for injuries and damages caused by their products
Family Leave 12 weeks of unpaid leave employers must provide to employees who need to deal with family matters
Discrimination Biased treatment of a job candidate or employee
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Created to increase job opportunities for women and minorities and to help end discrimination
Sexual Harassment Unwelcome and inappropriate actions of a sexual nature in the workplace
Sexism Discrimination against members of either sex, but primarily affecting women
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