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green sort 31

other the remaining or different one
doctor someone licensed to practice a healing art.
rather Used to specifya choice over another choice
solar depending on the sun
weather the atmospheric temperate based on wind, sun, and rain
flower a plant
under below something
tractor a vehicle driven by a motor used for pulling equiptment
color the natural appearance of an object the color is holds
spider an insect that spins webs to live and catch prey
dollar money
cover a object or cloth used for protecting something of value
flavor the taste of something
father a male parent
rumor a story told that is not true
grammar the correct usage of words
collar the top of the shirt around the neck
sugar a sweet substance used for baking
favor an act of kindness
silver a metal used for making object such as coins and silverware
mother a female parent
mirror an object used to view self
motor a small or large engine used to make parts of a machine move
harbor a body of water that has ports and docks