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Driver's Education

When, besides driving, is a drivers license required? Sitting in the drivers seat of a car while the engine is running and while steering a car while it is being pushed or towed by another vehicle
If a law enforcement officer swears that a driver has refused a legal chemical test, the DMV must do what? Revoke the drivers license for at least 12 months
What happens under the point system? A driver who gets 12 points within 3 years may lose his/her license
What may happen when a driver has a total of 7 points? The driver can have 3 points deducted if he/she satisfactorily completes a driver improvement clinic
Which conviction carries the highest number of points? Passing a stopped school bus unloading children
What will happen to someone speeding more than 75 mph in a 55 mph zone? A driver will lose his/her license is they are convicted
What must a driver do to get a revoked drivers license restored? Obtain permission from the Driver License Section in Raleigh to reapply for a license, go to a driver license office, pay a restoration fee and reapply for a license
What does half of all traffic fatalities involve? A drunken person
What percentage of highway deaths are caused by drunken persons? 50%
What is true about pedestrian deaths? In cities, 2 out of 5 people killed in motor vehicle accidents are pedestrians
What should you do when you are walking at night along a road without sidewalks? Walk on the left, facing traffic
If you approach an intersection where there are no traffic lights/signs and a pedestrian is attempting to cross your path, who has the right-of-way? The pedestrian
If you are walking along a road at night, what should you do? Wear or carry something white
What is one thing a safe driver should always do? Frequently check the rear view and side mirrors
What should you do if you begin to feel sleepy while driving on a long trip? Open a window or vent to let in fresh air
What should you do when driving on a long trip? Avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds
What should you do in order to avoid being hit in the rear by another vehicle? Check your rear view mirrors often
What have studies shown to be a serious traffic hazard? Slow drivers
What situations would very slow driving be especially dangerous? Just after passing the crest of a hill and just after rounding a curve
What is the speed limit outside a city unless otherwise posted? 55 mph
Unless otherwise posted, what is the speed limit inside a city? 35 mph
What does a car tend to do when rounding a curve? Moves to the outside of the curve
What should a driver of a truck going downhill with a curve do? Use a lower gear
What should you do to reduce speed while going down a steep hill? Use a lower gear
What should you do if you wish to pass the car ahead on a two lane road? Sound your horn to signal your intention to the driver of the car ahead and give a left turn signal to let the driver behind you know your intention
When is passing on the right legal? On a one way street, a four lane highway with two lanes going in each direction
What should you do when backing your car? Move at no more than 10 mph
Where do accidents occur most frequently? At intersections
Where do highway accidents occur most frequently? At intersections
Three vehicles approach an uncontrolled intersection. Car A is on the right of Car B. Car C is on the left of Car B. What order should the cars pass through the intersection? Car A, Car B, Car C
What should you do if you come to an unmarked intersection where it is hard to see in all directions because of trees or buildings? Stop at the intersection and move forward slowly
What should you watch out for when driving on a city street? Traffic coming from side streets, animals or small children darting from between parked cars
What should you do when driving in heavy traffic? Watch out for drivers who make quick stops
What should you do if you are in the wrong lane for making a left turn at an intersection? Go to the next intersection and turn there
What is the most frequent type of accident on an interstate? A rear end collision
What should you plan on doing when taking a long trip on an interstate highway? Stop every 100 miles at a rest area
What should you do if you are driving on an interstate highway when a breakdown forces you to the shoulder? Raise the hood and tie a white handkerchief to the left door handle
When are the chances greater of a car being involved in an accident on an interstate highway? When the driver travels considerably below the posted speed limit
What should you do if you miss your exit on an interstate highway? Go on to the next exit
What may temporarily blind a driver at night? Glare from the headlights of other cars and flame from a match the driver strikes to light a cigarette
What situations should you use your low beams? At night in the city and in foggy or misty weather
What should you do if an approaching car fails to dim their headlights? Watch the road ahead to avoid looking at the lights of the other car and flick your headlight beams high and low once or twice
When driving on a highway at night when should you never use your high beam headlights? While following another car
What should you do if it starts to drizzle while you are driving? Slow down and allow at least twice the normal following distance
When are roads more slick? Just after it has begun to rain or drizzle
What should you do when driving through heavy fog? Slow down
What should you do when driving in a heavy snowstorm during the day? Use your low beam headlights
What is the best way to get good traction on hard packed snow? Put chains on your tires
What should you do when Trying to pull away from a slippery surface in a car with a manual transmission? Start in second or high gear
What should you do when pulling a trailer down a long steep hill? Drive in a lower gear and keep in the right lane
What should you do if your brakes fail? Shift into a lower gear and use the emergency brake
What should you do to dry out wet brakes? Slow down and then press the gas pedal as you keep a light pressure on the brake pedal
What should you do if you should have a blowout while traveling at a high speed? Grip the steering wheel firmly to keep the car from swerving
What should you do when changing a flat tire? Block the wheels
What should you do if your car breaks down on a highway at night? Park the car completely off the road, raise the hood and tie a white handkerchief to the left door handle and switch on the parking lights
What should you do if your vehicle has run off the road onto the shoulder? Take your foot off the gas pedal gradually
What type of road are skids more likely to occur? One on which snow has become packed
What should you do if you have to come to a stop on an icy road and your car is not equipped with ABS brakes? Pump the brake pedal lightly
What should you do when You begin to skid? Turn the steering wheel in the direction in which the rear end of the car is skidding and reduce pressure on the gas pedal
What should you do when you are involved in an accident? Make an immediate report to the nearest law enforcement agency and notify insurance company
What does a flashing yellow traffic signal at an intersection mean? Slow down and proceed with caution
What could a diamond shaped sign warn drivers of? A deer crossing
What does a diamond shaped traffic sign mean? Slow sown and drive with caution
What is the main color for signs in highway work zones? Orange
When does the law give a blind pedestrian special consideration at intersections where there are no traffic lights? If he holds out a white cane or has a guide dog with him
What is true about bicycle riders? They are likely to be seriously injured in almost any collision with a car
In North Carolina, what is required on all cars? License plate lights
When should your brakes need checking? If there is a squeaking noise when you step on the brake pedal
What is true about horns and sirens? Every licensed motor vehicle must have a horn and only law enforcement and emergency vehicles may have sirens
What must every motor vehicle be equipped with? A muffler
What is the exhaust system? The system that carries harmful fumes from the engine to the rear of the car and releases them
Why should a leaky exhaust be repaired? It may allow dangerous fumes to enter the car
A car that pitches and tosses in normal driving and leans heavily to the side in turns is likely to have trouble in what following system? Suspension system
Who is required to stop if a school bus makes a passenger stop in the far right lane on a five lane street? Lanes going in the same direction as the school bus
What is the maximum speed limit for a full size public school bus in North Carolina? 45 mph
Can you assume a person can drive safely if they have been drinking but haven't reached 0.08? No, because even smaller amounts can affect judgment
What happens if you drink alcohol and take medication at the same time? Both may combine and have unpredictable effects
What should you do if a doctor prescribes you medication but you must drive? Ask your doctor if you can drive or not
Can you be prosecuted in a criminal court of law if you are intercepted as you are driving under the influence of a prescribed medication? Yes, the law requires you to be in full control of yourself when you drive
Can coffee neutralize the effects of alcohol? No, only the liver can eliminate alcohol
What is one of the effects of alcohol on the drivers eyes? They tend to stare at a point
What is the effect of food when you drink alcohol? If you eat before drinking, alcohol enters the blood stream at a slower pace
Where does alcohol tend to concentrate more? The brain
What must the DMV do if a law enforcement officer swears that a driver has refused a legal chemical test? Revoke their drivers license for at least 12months
What happens if a driver is convicted of DWI while their license has already been revoked for a prior DWI? The persons car may be seized and sold and they may be imprisoned
A driver was convicted of a second DWI 3 years ago and they get convicted DWI again. What will happen? They get a permenant revocation and is imprisoned from 14 days to 24 months
What happens to a person who has been convicted of DWI for the 4th time in 7 years? The person may be imprisoned from 1 to 3 years
Does 12 ounces of beer, 4 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of spirits have more alcohol? They all have the same amount; 0.6 of an ounce of alcohol
What does a flashing red light mean? Come to a complete stop, then proceed when you can
Created by: ndmsteach
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