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Geography Final Review

What is Terraced Farming Farming into the side of a mountain to increase land for agriculture.
List 1 of the 5 themes of Geography and give Example Location - Absolute and Relative
List the 2nd of 5 themes of Geography and give Example Region - Formal, Functional and perceptual
List the 3rd of the 5 themes of Geography and give Example Place - Human and Physical characteristics
List the 4th of the 5 themes of Geography and give Example Human Environment - Interaction
List the 5th of the 5 themes of Geography and give Example Movement
What is the study of Geography? Where people, places, things are located and how they relate to each other
Is Religion a part of Culture? If so, why? Yes - It adds to who you are as a person, what you believe in.
What is a functional region? region that extends from a central point example: Mississippi
What is a Physical Map A map that shows physical features
What is a political Map A map that shows countries
What is a GIS Geographic Information systems - Digital map that layers geographic data.
Why are rivers important for the interior of continents? Allowing trade between countries
What is the biosphere? Life on earth
What is the lithosphere? Solid Rock portion of earth
What is the hydrosphere? water on earth
List the different Climate Zones Tropical, Arib (Desert)
Does the souther hemisphere have the same seasons as the northern hemisphere? Explain It's flipped based on where the suns rays are.
Define spatial diffusion Spread of ideas and information around the world
Who settled Brazil? Why is this different from the rest of Latin America? Portuguese - Everyone else was colonized by the Spanish.
What role do Mountains play in the distribution of products Mountains act as barriers because they are hard to get by
In communist countries who decide what and how much of a product is produced? government, like in Cuba
List 1 of the 4 economic activities and give example Primary - Mining - drilling
List the 2nd of the 4 economic activities and give example Secondary - Refining Oil
List the 3rd of the 4 economic activities and give example Tertiary - Selling product/services (More developed)
List the 4th of the 4 economic activities and give example Quaternary - Research and information technology (more developed)
How does higher latitudes effect Climate? As you move away from the equator, it gets colder
Why is the panama Canal called the global artery? Connects trade all over the world
Define Urban Sprawl? Cities growing out of the urban core (downtown)
What is the fastest growing industry in Latin America Tourism
What is a Polder? Land reclamation for agriculture use
What is the European Union Economic agreement between European countries
What is MDC? More developed countries
What is LDC Less Developed countries
What mountain range separates Europe from Asia Ural Mountains
Define Cultural Diffusion Spread of culture around the world. Example: American Pop Culture
Define Man Made Border Border made by Humans
Define Artificial border invisible border between US and Canada - Line of latitude
Define Natural border Rivers/Mountain > Ural Mountains
How did the interstate highway system in the US change the urban landscape? Allowed for settlement outside the urban canal
What is the most common Religion in the US? Christianity
What is the most common Religion in Canada Catholic
Why is the Great Basin one of the least densely populated areas of the US? Absence of Arable land
Define Urbanization Promotes population growth in urban areas
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