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Zoology Study guide

Zoology study guide semester exam

What is a cell? The smallest structural and functional unit of an organism.
What are organelles found only in an animal? What organelles are only found in plants? Animal cells are typical of the eukaryotic cell, enclosed by a plasma membrane and containing a membrane-bound nucleus and organelles. Unlike the cells of the two other eukaryotic kingdoms, plants and fungi, animal cells don't have a cell wall.
What is the difference between a prokaryotic cell and an eukaryotic cell? Eukaryotic cells contain membrane-bound organelles, including a nucleus. Prokaryotic cells do not contain a nucleus or any other membrane-bound organelle.
What is the name of the organelle that is involved in producing in the spindle fibers? Microtubules
What is the organelle that can be found in all types of cells? Nucleus,Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum.
What is taxonomy? The science of naming an organism.
What is the scientific word that means name? Taxa
What is the "belly" surface of an animal called? Ventral
What is the "back" surface of an animal called? Dorsal
What are the two parts of the binomial nomenclature? Genus species
What is the correct sequence (broad to specific) of the taxonomic categories? Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.
What is zoology? The study of animals.
What is the rule for writing the scientific name correctly? Homo sapiens
What is the old taxonomic term that includes both eubacteria and archebacteria? Kingdom Monera.
What is the difference between asymmetry, radial symmetry, and bilateral symmetry? Radial symmetry- The body parts are arranged around a circle with a center point. Bilateral symmetry- They are same on both sides. Asymmetry- Different on both sides and no center point.
What type of environment would you find a paramecium? Quiet, slow glowing water.
What is an example of an organism that moves by psuedopoda? False feet.
What organism is both unicellular and heterotrophic? Bacteria
What does the word "pseudopoda" mean? Cells that possess amoeboids.
What does the euglena use to move? Flagella
What is the function of the contractile vacuole? To remove excess water.
How does an amoeba reproduce? How does a paramecium reproduce? Binary fission- Amoeba Asexually (binary fission)- Paramecium
What kingdom and phylum does a paramecium belong? Eukarya Kingdom Protista Phylum.
What is an example of a single cell organism that is autotrophic? Protozoa
What causes "Red Tide"? Dinoflagellates
What disease is caused by Trypanosoma brucei? African sleeping sickness.
In a protest, what is the difference between the endoplasm and the ectoplasm? Endoplasm- is the darker cytoplasm that is found toward the interior of the protozoan. Ectoplasm- is the clear part of the cytoplasm found near the cell membrane.
How does waste exit a paramecium? Through the anal pore.
What marine protists is responsible for the majority of the food web found in the ocean? Zoo plankton
What organism is a carrier of the disease Trypanosoma? Tsetse flies.
What are the functions of lobopodia? Pseudopodia that are broad and are used for locomotion and engulfing food.
What pathogenic amoeba causes dysentery in humans? Entamoeba hisolytica.
What happens when the tentacles of a nematocyst touches a food source? Triggers a chemical to kill it.
What class is the Portuguese-man- of war found in? Class Hydrozoa.
Where does digestion occur in cnidarians? Gastrovascular cavity.
What is the group of cnidarians that provide food and shelter for many animals? Corals
What do the collar cells of sponges look like? Flagellated protists
What is the large opening at the top of a spongecoel called? Osculum
What is the simplest body form of a sponge?
What type of sponge has incurrent canals?
What is the phylum for flatworms?
What type of symmetry does the flatworm have?
What is the function of the pharynx found in the flatworm?
What is an example of a flatworm that doesn't have a digestive tract?
What type of opening does a flatworm have if it has a digestive tract?
What class can a "free living" flatworm be found?
What is the genus of a blood fluke that affect humans?
What type of organism is a tapeworm?
What are the different sections of the proglottids?
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