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Final Exam Review

T. EasterlingPhysical science Semester 1 review

items that let some light pass through and other light to bend are? Translucent
Objects are colorless in the dark because light has to strike the object, and then the object will reflect certain wavelengths.
When light hits a convex lens what causes the light to bend and change directions refraction
Convex lenses do what? gather light and focus it inward into 1 smaller point( like a magnifying glass)
Concave lenses do what? gather light and spread it outward to make the beam wider(cover more area) ex: flashlight
If you use a thermos to keep soup warm by preventing what energy transfer? thermal energy
when you get cold and put on the sweater, why do you feel warmer the sweater is an insulator so keeps heat from escaping
Which container will make ice melt faster? An insulator or a conductor? Conductor
As frequency and energy go up, what happens to the wavelength? gets shorter/smaller
as frequency decreases the wavelength increases
when an electromagnetic wave is inside a vacuum, what characteristic is not affected? Wave speed, wavelength, frequency, energy wavespeed stays the same
list the energy conversions created when you plug in a lamp and turn it on electrical energy is converted to light energy
why does a car "run out" of gas? gasoline's chemical potential energy is converted to mechanical (kinetic) energy by the car
what happens when a piece of wood is burned completely matter is converted to ash and gasses
in a car, chemical potential energy of gas is converted to kinetic energy to run the car- what is the excess energy given off as? Heat and sound energy
what happens to a rock as it rolls down a mountain kinetic energy increases and potential energy decreases
a pendulum has the most potential energy at what parts of it's swing furthest left and furthest right.
elements in the same (family/period) have the most similar physical and chemical properties family ( up and down columns)
a necklace is made up of an element that has 79 protons, what is the chemical symbol of this element Au- gold
what type of matter cannot be broken down physically or chemically elements
which side of the periodic table are the metals located to the left of the zig zag line on the periodic table
what makes one element different than another? the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons it has
water- H2O is considered a what? Element, compound, molecule molecule
You have a salad, koolade, and some salt on your table, which one is a pure substance? salt
you are given a clear liquid- you leave it alone for 3 days and when you return there is only a solid substance left in the bottom of the glass. What was the original sample? A pure substance, a mixture, filtration, or a precipitate mixture
a solid is added to water...bubbles were produced- what type of reaction was produced? Chemical or physical? a chemical reaction, a gas was produced
when heated, what happens to the particles of matter? Do they speed up or slow down speed up
2 grams of baking soda is added to a balloon, which is then placed over the top of a flask containing 3 grams of vinegar. The balloon is tipped over and the flask dropping the soda into the vinegar. What is the total mass of the solution created 5 grams
3 liquids of different colors are poured into the same glass beaker, after 1 minute- substance A is collected at he bottom of the beaker. What do we know about substance A? It has a higher density than the other substances.
name the main characteristics of metals shiny, malleable, conducts heat and electricity
what is density? mass divided by volume
Created by: tknatt1