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Pyschology Unity

Intro to Pyschology

Who is best known for classical conditioning? Ivan Pavlov
Who is best known for operant conditioning? B.F. Skinner
Who is best known for the humanistic approach? Carl Rogers
How many stages of sleep are there? Four stages
In what stages does REM occur? Stages one and two
What are the two types of sleep? REM, oblivion
What is the most common sleep disorder? Insomnia
How many types of memory are there? Three types sensory, short term, and long term
What is sensory memory? The part of the memory system which is the initial contact for stimuli which lasts a matter of seconds
What is short term memory? Can only retain seven pieces of information and only lasts up to 14 seconds if not committed to long term memory
What is long term memory? relatively permanent, the capacity is virtually limitless
What does I.Q. stand for? Intelligence Quotient
How do you calculate I.Q.? Mental Age/Chronological Age x 100 = I.Q.
What is the average I.Q.? 100
Who invented the first I.Q. test? Binet
What is the average I.Q. for someone who is mentally challenged? Under 70
What is reliability? whether or not a test shows the same results time after time
What is validity? whether or not a test shows what it's supposed to
________ happens when the occurrences of a conditioned response decrease or disappear Extinction
________ refers to a process within operant and classical conditioning, where a conditioned response (CR) starts occurring in response to the presentation of other, similar stimuli, not just the conditioned stimulus (CS). Generalization
What does WISC stand for? Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
What does the WISC do? It's a group(battery) of tests that are designed for testing the I.Q. of school age children,designed to test cognitive abilities
What does MMPI stand for? Minnesota Multi Phasic Personality Inventory
What does MMPI do? A test that detects abnormal personality styles and determines if a person may have a pyschological disorder. Usually used for public safety occupations
An irrational fear of something is? A phobia
What does OCD stand for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
What is obsession? The inability of a person to stop thinking about a particular topic or emotion without a high amount of anxiety
What is compulsion? A receptive rule based behavior that a person feels they must perform an order to feel normal and prevent negation consequences
What does PTSD stand for? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
What is PTSD? A debilitating mental health condition caused by a traumatic experience that can last years or decades without treatment
What is major depression? A chronic mood disorder characterized by extreme sadness, lethargy, sleep disturbances, pessimistic thinking, and loss of interest in life.
What is used to treat Bipolar Disorder Lithium
What is dissociative identity disorder? It is having multiple personalities
What is the Stanford Binet test? A test that would identify children who would have problems with school and or learning the material that was designed for children in their own age range.
In which eating disorder do you have below 85% recommended body weight? Anorexia
The eating of non-nutritional things is? Pica
What is the most commonly abused substance? Alcohol
What elimination disorder involves loss of bladder control? Enuresis
What elimination disorder involve the inability to control your bowels? Encopresis
What is the most common conduct disorder? Opposition defiant disorder
People assuming rigid postures for long periods of time is? Catatonia
Who established RET? Albert Ellis
What does RET stand for? Rational Emotive Therapy
Who is known for transactional analysis? Eric Burn
What is the most common neuro developmental disorder? Dyslexia
What is a range of symptoms that are mostly characterized by impairment in social interactions, communication difficulties, and repetitive behaviors? Autism Spectrum Disorder
What are two major types of disruptive control and conduct disorders? Childhood onset, Adult onset
What does ADHD stand for? Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
What are the three subtypes of ADHD? Primary attentive, Primary hyperactive, combined
Who is most recognized for the stages of moral development which identify the development of moral reasoning and ethical behavior in humans? Lawrence Kohlberg
What are Kohlberg's three stages? Pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional
Social Psychology The scientific investigation of how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people are influenced by the presence of others.
Who was an an American scientist who is known for his research in social psychology Solomon Asch
Stanley Milgram A Social Psychologist who is most well-known for conducting a series of controversial experiments on Obedience to Authority Figures, called the Milgram Experiment.
What are the four stages of the Sexual Response Cycle excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution
A sexual disorder where individuals only become aroused by inappropriate objects or fantasies Paraphilia
People suffering from __________ often hear voices in their head and have delusions of grandeur Schizophrenia
A neurotransmitter with functions in various systems of the body. In the central nervous system serotonin works to regulate mood, appetite, sleep, memory and learning. Serotonin
Both a neurotransmitter and a neurohormone produced in multiple areas of the brain. As a hormone it is often associated with pleasant experiences Dopamine
The passive process of bringing information from the outside world into the body and to the brain Sensation
The active process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting the information brought to the brain by the senses Perception
Nerve cells and the basic building blocks of our entire nervous systems Neurons
The cell body of a neuron and contains the nucleus of the cell. Soma
What carries signals (electric voltages) between the dendrites (the neuron's input sites) and the terminal buttons? Axon
What receive neural impulses (electrical and chemical signals) from the axons of other neurons? Dendrites
The entire junction between neurons Synapse
What dictates that behavior is determined by your past experiences that are left in the Unconscious Mind? Psychoanalytic
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