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SocSci Cities


Mexican port city in the state of Guerrero that is important for trade with China Acapulco
Second city that Jose Maria Morelos captured Acapulco
Important to General Juan Alvarez Acapulco
Capital of Texas after American annexation Austin
City-state that hired the Mexica as mercenaries Azcaptzalco
Classic Maya site that lasted until 1225 Chichen Itza
Town in which Jose Maria Morelos held a constitutional convention Chilpancingo
Border city across the Rio Grande from El Paso, TX that was the first city to be captured by Orozco and Villa during the Revolution Cuidad Juarez
Slum city near Mexico City that became the fourth most populous city in Mexico Cuidad Nezahualcoyotl
City that Pancho Villa raided in order to take out his military frustrations on the U.S. Columbus, New Mexico
Mayan city located in Honduras Copan
Location of Plutarco Elias Calles's home Cuernavaca
New city built in 1884 with American-style architecture Gomez Palacios
The last Moorish bastion in Spain that fell to Christian forces in 1492 Granada
First city that Miguel Hidalgo's forces captured Guanajuato
Seat of Texan government in 1836 Harrisburg
American city with noticeable Mayan population Houston
Village in the state of Michoacan where Lazaro Cardenas was born Jiquilpan
Capital of California while under Mexican control and home to the second-largest Mexican population in the world next to Mexico City Los Angeles
Spain's trading outpost in the Philippines during the colonial period Manila
Fortified town across the Rio Grande from where James Polk sent American troops Matamoros
Spanish city constructed on the ruins of Tenochtitlan Mexico City
Former port of entry into the U.S. for Colombian drugs and an American city with a noticeable Mayan population Miami
Industrial city in the state of Nuevo-Leon and the center of the Monterrey Group and much opposition to Cardenas and radicalism Monterrey
First city that Jose Maria Morelos's forces captured Oaxaca
Mayan city located in Mexico Palenque
City that Jose Maria Morelos failed to capture, thereby failing to encircle Mexico City Puebla
City in which Father Miguel Hidalgo assembled his army Queretaro
City where Liberal forces captured Maximilian I in 1867 Queretaro
City in which the Constitution of 1917 was drafted and the first PNR meeting was held Queretaro
Capital of California after it was annexed by the U.S. Sacramento
Largest city in Texas in 1836 and the site of Texan defense against Mexico San Antonio
City to which Francisco Madero traveled after his release from prison San Antonio
Dividing point of one invasion route during the Mexican-American War Santa Fe, NM
Hispaniola city that was the original location of the "Audienca" Santo Domingo
Beginning point of one invasion route during the Mexican-American War St. Louis, MO
Weakest part of the Mexica triple alliance Tlacopan, aka Tacuba
Port city to which Woodrow Wilson sent troops in an attempt to oust Huerta from power Tampico
Prinicpal city of the Mexica in the triple alliance Tenochtitlan
Part of the Mexica triple alliance Texcoco
City in the state of Puebla where Carranza was assasinated Tlaxcalantongo
New city built in 1833 with American-style architecture and the second city captured by Orozco and Villa during the Revolution Torreon
Capital of Toltec civilization Tula
Approximate northern boundary of the Aztec empire on the Atlantic coast Tuxpan
Most important Mexican Atlantic port and the site of Winfield Scott's invasion of Mexico Veracruz
Location of the Liberal government during the War of Reform Veracruz
Site of American attempt to block German shipments to Mexico in 1913 Veracruz
Approximate northern boundary of the Aztec empire on the Pacific coast Zacatula
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