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People 5

Foreign Leaders

Brother of Napolean Bonaparte who was the king of Spain after French invasion Joseph Bonaparte
Ruler of France from 1799-1814 Napolean Bonaparte
Dynasty that took over the Spanish throne in 1713 Bourbon Dynasty
President of the U.S. who pressed Liberal government for concessions during the War of Reform James Buchanan
President of the U.S. who had good relations with Mexican President Vicente Fox George W. Bush
President of the U.S. who stayed in a fancy new hotel in Acapulco when he traveled to Mexico Dwight D. Eisenhower
Rightful King of Spain during the French Invasion and the Mexican war for independence Fernando VII
Dynasty that ruled Spain before 1713 Hapsburg Dynasty
President of the U.S. who threatened to send troops into Mexico after Indian raids on American territory Rutherford B. Hayes
President of the U.S. who opposed European intervention in the Americas James Monroe
Emperor of France who installed himself because of disillusionment with republican ideals Napolean III
President of the U.S. who supported Manifest Destiny and started the Mexican-American War James Knox Polk
Pope who condemned the Constitution of 1857 Pope Pius IX
American general in charge of the main invasion of Mexico during Mexican-American War Winfield Scott
American Secretary of State who demanded timeline for French withdrawal from Mexico William Henry Seward
President of the U.S. who sent troops to the border when Madero's revolt began William Howard Taft
American General who fought Santa Anna at Buena Vista Zachary Taylor
Governer of Cuba during Cortes's expedition Diego Velasquez
U.S. President who condemned Huerta's takeover of Mexico and tried to drive Huerta out by sending troops to Tampico Woodrow Wilson
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