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People 4

Other Figures in Mexico

Conservative intellectual and advisor to Santa Anna in 1853 whose death removed a moderating influence Lucas Alaman
"Strongman" who controlled the state of Guerrero in the 1850s and depended on Acapulco trade Juan Alvarez
Physician and philosopher who promoted Comte's positivism in Mexico Gabino Barreda
Royalist general who ended the Morelos revolt Felix Calleja
Founder of PRD and presidential candidate in 1988 Cuauhtemoc Cardenas
Flemish Franciscan who founded a school to train priests Pedro de Gante
Nun famous for her poetry Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
Second wife of Porfirio Diaz and incremental in church-state relations Carmen Romero Rubio Diaz
General who attempted to revolt against Madero, went to prison, then plotted another coup that resulted in the Tragic Ten Days Felix Diaz
Secretary of Treasury under Porfirio Diaz Manuel Dublan
Critic who warned that radicals would take action if the Diaz regime continued to ignore the poor Andres Molina Enriquez
Anarchist and spokesman for the poor of the Porfirato and founder of the the Mexican Liberal Party Ricardo Flores Magon
Creole priest who organized a rebellion against Spanish rule Father Miguel Hidalgo
Indian Catholic convert on whose tunic an image of the Virgin Mary appeared Juan Diego
Madero family patriarch who built his wealth by operating wagon trains Evaristo Madero
Multilingual woman given to Cortez by the Potonchan Marina, aka Malinche
Leader of rebels against Spanish rule in southern Mexico Jose Maria Morelos
Former Mayor of Mexico City and PRD candidate for president in 2006 Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Former muleteer who led some of Madero's forces during the intial revolt Pascual Orozco
Radical critic of Diaz regime who supported redistribution of land Wistano Luis Orozco
Jesuit priest whose execution during the Cristero Rebellion garnered media attention and inflamed the conflict Miguel Augustin Pro Juarez
General who was loyal to Felix Diaz during the Tragic Ten Days Bernardo Reyes
Mysterious leader of the 1994 Chiapas peasant revolt who always hid his face beneath a ski mask "Subcomandante" Marcos
Prominent intellectual and political dissident whom student insurgents at the National University supported in 1929 Jose Vasconcelos
Notorious outlaw who represented the dispossesed in the Revolution of 1910 Pancho Villa
Led some of Madero's forces initially, then later allied with Emiliano Zapata Pancho Villa
Radical who represented te dispossesed in the Revolution of 1910 Emiliano Zapata
Refused to disarm forces on government order and fought against the Constitutionalists Emiliano Zapata
First Bishop of Mexico who wanted an Indian priesthood Juan de Zumarraga
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