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People 3

Leaders of Mexico - Section 3

Founder of PRI and was placed in charge of tourism after presidency Miguel Aleman (r. 1946-52)
Reversed revolutionary changes, used WWII as an excuse to enact a conservative agenda, and declared the Revolution finished Manuel Avila Camacho (r. 1940-46)
PAN candidate who won the 2006 elections by a narrow victory Felipe Calderon (r. 2006- )
Founder of PNR and his campaign against the Church resulted in Cristero Rebellion Plutarco Elias Calles (r. 1924-28)
Founder of PRM; more radical than Maximato presidents and aligned with lower class values Lazaro Cardenas (r. 1934-40)
Promoted land redistribution, nationalized oil industry, but ultimately ended the revolution by shifting focus to urban issues Lazaro Cardenas (r. 1934-40)
Constitutionalist leader during Revolution of 1910; organized forces against Huerta Venustiano Carranza (r. 1917-20)
Vice president under Profirio Diaz Ramon Corral (r. 1910-11)
Provisional president who was appointed to oversee the election of Madero Francisco de la Barra (r. May 25-November 5, 1911)
PAN candidate who won the election of 2000, ending 70 years of one-party rule Vicente Fox (r. 2000-06)
General who served under Madero during the Tragic Ten Days but eventually betrayed him by plotting with Felix Diaz to oust him Victoriano Huerta (r. 1913-14)
Grandson of Evaristo Madero and a critic of Porfirio Diaz who wanted more democracy Francisco I. Madero (r. 1911-13)
Led a failed conservative revolt against Diaz regime, inciting Revolution Francisco I. Madero (r. 1911-13)
Constitutionalist leader during Revolution and was a general under Carranza Alvaro Obregon (r. 1920-24)
Broke his promise to help Felix Diaz become president and faced opposition from the U.S. and the Constitutionalist during presidency Victoriano Huerta (r. 1913-14)
Maximato president who suffered from perception as a presidential puppet Pascual Ortiz Rubio (r. 1930-32)
Maximato president who ended the Cristero Rebellion Emilio Portes Gil (r. 1928-30)
Maximato president who consolidated labor patronage and moved away from land reform Abelardo L. Rodriguez (r. 1932-34)
Proposed NAFTA Carlos Salinas de Gortari (r. 1988-94)
Vice President under Francisco Madero Pino Suarez (r. 1911-13)
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