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People 2

Leaders of Mexico - Section 2

President who rode to power on Liberal wave but later turned Conservative Ignacio Comonfort (r. 1855-58)
Wife of Emperor Maximilian von Hapsburg Charlotte von Hapsburg (r. 1864-67)
Military hero from French Intervention; ushered in political stability and economic development Porfirio Diaz (r. 1876-80, and 1884-1911)
Vice president of Mexico who defined Mexican Liberal objectives Valentin Gomez Farias (r. 1833-36)
Royalist colonel who became the first emporer of Mexico after helping Mexico gain independence Augustin Iturbide (r. 1822-23)
Chief Justice of Supreme Court who later became the president of the Liberal government during the War of Reform Benito Juarez (r. 1858-71)
President who chartered a moderate course after the French Intervention Benito Juarez (r. 1858-71)
Moderate Liberal who continued Juarez's policies Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada (r. 1872-76)
Ambitious army colonel who led the revolt against Iturbide Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (r. 1833-36 and 1853-55)
Leader of the armed forces during Mexican-American War and the Texas Revolt Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (r. 1833-36 and 1853-55)
Most prominent figure in Mexican politics for 30 years after independence who eventually became an unpopular autocrat Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (r. 1833-36 and 1853-55)
Emperor of Mexico who was installed by the French Maximilian von Hapsburg (r. 1864-67)
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