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Missile Warning

space control

What is a DSP follow on? SBIRS
What orbit is DSP satellite traveling in Geosynchronus
What is the primary source of power for DSP Solar Array
What is the secondary structure of the DSP satellite? Solar Arrays and support structures
Why does DSP batteries have to be periodically reonditioned? To subsequently recharge batteries
What is Link 1 used for in the DSP communication sbsystem? Downlink chanel for mission data
What is included in the state of health telemetry? Battery voltage, temperatures, satellite positioning angles, system equipment stacks
What link is used to uplink commands to the satellite Link 3
Which link contains satellite impact sensor data? Link 4
Who is the primary user of links 7 & 8? MCS
What is the purpose of the MCS? Houses hardware, software, and personell for the SBIRS mission.
How many crew chies are there in SBIRS 2
Which operator executes DSP satellite constelation state of health contingency commanding? SSO
WHich crew position is a civilian contractor who assists with SSO duties Spacecraft engineer
t document can an operator find the day's schedule for commanding activities? Daily Activities Schedule
What are the 3 stages of a ballistic missile boost, reentry, and ballistic
What are the 4 space mission areas? space force enhancement, space force enhancement, space control, and space support
What are the 3 major missile warning systems managed by the 21st space wing? PAVE PAWS, BMEWS, and PARCS
What is the function of ground baded missile warning system Provide launch point origin, and provide headquarters with impact points and trajectory
What are the the 2 PAWS SITES 6SWS and 7SWS
This PAVE system is used to provide strategic and tactical and support attack assesment of an ICBM and SLBM PAWS
What is the primary mission of pave paws missile warning
What is the secondary Mission of PAVE PAWS` Space Surveillance
Who collects data from PAVE PAWS? 1SPCS
What is unique to PAVE PAWS? Phased Array technology
What is the maximun practical deflection on either side of a PAWS antenna? 60 Degrees
what is the coverage of a single antenna face of a PAWS system? 120
What is the elevattion range of a PAWS sytem? 3 to 85 degrees
what is the range of the PAVE PAWS system (in miles) 3,452 miles
Where is 6 SWS l located at, responsible for U.S eastern sector of missile warning and detection? Cape Cod
Where is 7 SWS located at, responsible for the U.S western Sector of missile warning and detection? Beale
Who is in charge of the MWOC in the CMDR's absence and is the enlisted leader of the 3 person MWOC Crew? Missile Warnig Crew Chief
Who is the focal point fro space surveillance and can step in for the CCH in his/ her absence, verbally reports L&PI's to te MCC and fowards data to 1SPCS Systems Console Operator
When did BMEWS begin? 1961
what are the 3 sites for BMEWS? 12SWS, 13SWS, and RAF Fylingdales
What system provides warning for transpolar ICBMs BMEWS
Where is BMEWS site 1? (12SWS) Thule, Greenland
What site's radars has the scan coverage of 3.5 to 85 degrees Thule
What is the detection coverage of Thule's BMEWS site?(in miles) 3,280 miles
Where is the BMEWS site 2 located at? (13SWS) Clear, Alaska
What is the elevation coverage for Clear's BMEWS site? 3 to 85
What is the detection range of the Clear BMEWS site? (in miles) 3,452
What is the 3rd site of BMEWS located in England? Fylingdales
What is unique about Fylingdales? 360 degree covearage
what is the scan coverage of BMEWS in Fylingdales? 3 to 80 degrees
What is the detection range of Fylingdales? (in miles) 3,452
What is the only ground based missile warning system that has no 1C6 personnel? Fylingdales
What is a one of a kind single faced AN/FPQ-16 phased array sensor? PARCS
who operates the PARCS system? 10 SWS
PARCS is designed to provide the ______ and _____ from SLBMs and ICBMs penetrating the coverage area? U.S and Southern Canada
What are the 6 PARCS target characterizations? Urban or industrial, Missile Fields, Bomber and or Tanker Bases, National Command authority, C2 Centers, and others
what is the maximum beam deflection for each side of the PARCS radar? 70 degrees
what is the PARCS inclination on the antenna? 25 Degrees
What is the elevation coverage of the PARCS system? 1.9 to 95 degrees
what is the maximun coverage range of the PARCS system? (in miles) 2050 miles
what is the PARCS search area? 313 to 63 degrees
How many crew positions are there at the PARCS system? 2
who performs the missile warning and space surveillance and controls and asssts crew of 22 usaf, canadian, and contractor personnel. Crew Chief
which console is used as a backup if the commander or Crew Chief's GDC fail? The Monitor Console
what are the 3 modes of PARCS? Spacetrack, SPacetrack override
What does RADAR mean? Radio Detection and Ranging.
Describe the system of a CYBER RCL, FTS, REX, AGD, SAD, BSU, SSM and reciecve subsystem
what sends Data to the central processor in the CYBER RCL
What performs digial pulse compression system that sends target data to the RCL SPR
What uses the DSCS III communication system? JRSC
what is used to transmit missile warning data through a stressed enviroment. MILSTAR
how long after an L&PI has generated do you have to call and pass a site report 60 seconds
Created by: ronnywilk54
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