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PTCB practice

practice #1

When dispensing Ventolin Inhaler, how often must the Patient Package Insert (PPI) be included with the drug product? Every time the prescription is dispensed.
Which drug requires a follow-up "cover" prescription when dispensed as a verbal order? a)phenobarbital.b)atenolol.c)buspirone.d)procainamide a) phenobarbital (analgesic CII)
The middle set of digits in a NDC number represent:a)the manufacturer.b)the product size.c)the cost of the product.d)the product strenght and dosage form. d)the product strenght and dosage form.(a-1st set,d-2nd,b -3rd)
Estraderm is available in which dosage form?a)oral.b)patch.c)topical cream.d)IV b)patch
Pseudoephedrine is contraindicated in which of the disease states?a)hypertension.b)diabetes.c)constipation.d)cancer a)hypertension.
Which drug agency is responsible to regulate medical devices?a)EPA.b)DEA.c)OSHA. d)FDA d)FDA
Where Domeboro tablets should be stocked?a)next to Dolobid 500mg tablets.b)where the Bacitracin ointment is stored.c)with Wycostatin vaginal supps.d)in the refrigerator with EES suspension. b)where the Bacitracin ointment is stored
Which of the following medications may not be crushed?a)Ecotrin 325mg.b)Fiorinal.c)Inderal 10mg.d)Robaxin 500mg a)Ecotrin 325mg
The directions for use of a medication is "i sl prn". "sl" is:a)into the skin.b)under the tongue.c)into the muscle.d)into the right eye b)under the tongue
What type of prescription balance must be used for compounding 120mg of a 1% topical antifungal cream?a)class A.b)class B.c)class C.d)bulk prescription balance b)class B
What type of measuring device should be used to measure 3ml of a liquid for compounding?a)5ml beaker.b)10ml conical graduate.c)2ml pipette.d)10ml cylindrical graduate. d)10ml cylindrical graduate
Grinding of tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain mortar is an example of:a)levigation.b)trituration.c)flocculation.d)emulsification b)trituration
Amoxicillin oral suspension is stable in a refrigerator for how many days after reconstitution?a)7 days.b)10 days.c)14 days.d)20 days. c)14 days
Normal Saline (N.S.) contains:a)0.45%NaCl b)0.33%NaCl c)9.0% NaCl d)0.9%NaCl d)0.9%NaCl
Digoxin belongs to which drug classification?a)antiarrhythmic.b)cardiac glycoside.c)beta blocker.d)Ca channel blocker b)cardiac glycoside
Which of the following drugs is a benzodiazepine?a)Fiorinal.b)Percodan.c)Demerol.d)Klonopin d)Klonopin
Which drug is most likely to cause a photosensitivity reaction?a)Biaxin.b)penicillin VK.c)Cipro.d)tetracycline d)tetracycline
What drug in a dose of 20mg qd, is used to treat dyspepsia?a)Lasix.b)Pepcid.c)inderal.d)Dilantin. b)Pepcid
The directions for use for Timoptic is ii gtts os bid. What is the meaning of os? a)both eyes.b)right eye.c)left eye.d)left ear c)left eye
What is the Latin abbreviation for "after meals"? a)ac.b)pc.c)qd.d)hs b)pc
An order reads "Tylenol 325mg PR q4h prn". What dosage form should be dispensed? a)tablets.b)capsules.c)syrup.d)suppositories. d)suppositories
A pharmacy tech. repacks bulk solid dosage forms into unit dosed packages. What expiration date will appear on the package?a)3 months.b)6 months.c)50% of labelet exp. date to a maximum of 1 year.d)the original exp. date on the bulk solid c)50% of labelet exp. date to a maximum of 1 year
The abbreviation "PCN" means what?a)allergy.b)penicillin.c)nothing by mouth.d)carcinoma b)penicillin
Which drug is used as a "RESCUE" from toxicity of methotrexate?a)Ipecac.b)Taxol injection.c)leucovorin.d)acetylcysteine. c)leucovorin
A patient hands you an empty vial of Ritalin and asks for the Rx to be refilled. What shoul you do? Tell the patient that the medication is not refillable
What is the proper procedure for cleaning a laminar flow hood? Clean the hood from side to side starting from the back of the hood towards the front of the hood.
Which procedure would you not do when opening an ampule?a)wipe the neck with an alcohol pad.b)after wiping with alcohol pad, dry the neck with a paper towel.c)break the ampule with an alcohol pad covering the neck. b)after wiping with alcohol pad, dry the neck with a paper towel.
How far within a hood should the pharmacy technician work?a)as far into the hood as possible.b)3 inches within the hood.c)at least 6 inches within the hood.d)anywhere within the hood. c)at least 6 inches within the hood.
What size filter is considered a sterilizing filter?a)0.22 micron.b)0.3 micron.c)0.45 micron.d)5 micron a)0.22 micron.
How often must a laminar flow hood be checked?a)every 3 months.b)every 6 months.c)once yearly.d)when it breaks down. b)every 6 months
Which of the following drug is not an OTC product?a)Poly-Vi-Sol drops.b)Poly-Vi-Sol tablets.c)Theragran-M tablets.d)Poly-Vi-Flor drops. d)Poly-Vi-Flor drops.
Which of the following drugs is not an OTC product?a)Advil.b)Nuprin.c)Ibuprofen 400mg tabs.d)Tylenol suppositories. c)Ibuprofen 400mg tabs
How long may a schedule II drug be refilled?a)1 year.b)6 months or 5 refills.c)no refills.d)as many refills as the physician indicates. c)no refills
If a prescription states "refill prn", for how long may this Rx be refilled?a)1 year.b)2 years.c)6 months.d)until the patient has a new prescription filed. a)1 year
Which of the following drugs is a coronary vasorilator?a)meperidine.b)diltiazem.c)nitroglycerin.d)piroxicam c)nitroglycerin
Codeine, meperidine and oxycodone all belong to which controlled schedule?a)schedule I.b)schedule II.c)schedule III.d)schedule IV b)schedule II
A physician prescribes Ceclor 375mg po bid. What is wrong with this prescription? The Rx lacks a duration of therapy
How often must controlled substances be physically inventoried?a)once yearly.b)once every 2 years.c)twice yearly.d)once every 3 years. b)once every 2 years
Which of the following 2 drug classes have cross sensitivity?a)tetracycline and penicillin.b)penisillin and erythromycin.c)eruthromycin and penicillin.d)penicillin and cephalosporin. d)penicillin and cephalosporin
Which governmental agency is responsible for safety in the workplace?a)DEA.b)NDA.c)OSHA.d)FDA c)OSHA
Which dosage form is formulated to dissolve in the intestine rather than the stomach?a)sublingual.b)transdermal.c)enteric-coated.d)intranasal. c)enteric-coated
Which nongovernmenttal agency is responsible for the accreditation of institutional settings?a)AMA.b)ASHP.c)JCAHO.d)APhA c)JCAHO
The process whereby a drug crosses a membrane into the blood stream is called:a)absorption.b)distribution.c)metabolism.d)elimination a)absorption
Which solution is recommended for cleaning a laminar flow hood?a)soap and warm water.b)isopropyl alcohol.c)povidone-iodine.d)hydrogen peroxide. b)isopropyl alcohol
If a medication results in a temporary adverse health consequence, what type of FDA recall would be instituted?a)Class I.b)Class II.c)Class III.d)Class IV. b)Class II
Which of the following is an unacceptable DEA#?a)AH2361424 b)AH1462136 c)AH3126426 d)AH1327142 c)AH3126426
At which temperature should procaine penicillin G be stored?a)2-8 degrees Centigrade.b)8-15 degrees Centigrade.c)15-30 degrees Centigrade.d)30-40 degrees Centigrade c)15-30 degrees Centigrade
Which characteristic is not important when preparing an IV admixture?a)sterility.b)palpability.c)solubility.d)stability b)palpability
Which drug information source would the pharmacy technician check for a possible drug interaction?a)Redbook.b)American Drug Index.c)Remington"s Pharmaceutical Sciences.d)Facts and Comparisons. d)Facts and Comparisons
Insulin is to be added to an IV admixture. What type of insulin may be used?a)Regular.b)Lente.c)Ultra Lente.d)Isophane. a)Regular
The process whereby a drug is transformed by the liver is called: a)adsorption.b)distribution.c)metabolism.d)elimination. c)metabolism
What is "Syrup of Ipecac" indicated for?a)to suppress a dry cough.b)to induce vomiting.c)to relieve the itching from hives.d)as a sweetening in pharmaceutical products. b)to induce vomiting
A patient enters the pharmacy complaining of persistent heartburn. The pharmacy technician should: tell the patient to speak to the pharmacist
Which of the following duties may a pharmacy technician not do?a)enter prescription data into the computer.b)call the wholesaler for a drug order.c)affix a drug label to a prescription container.d)accept a verbal medication order from a physician. d)accept a verbal medication order from a physician
Who implements formulary review?a)FDA.b)P+T Committee.c)OSHA.d)JCAHO. b)P+T Committee
Suprax suspension requires which auxiliary label?a)Shake Well.b)Shake Well and Refrigerate.c)Shake Well and Drug May Discolor Urine.d)Shake Well and Avoid Dairy Products. a)Shake Well
Another pharmacy calls for a copy of an Rx and the pharmacist is busy counselling a patient. The pharmacy technician should: tell them that the pharmacist is busy and to call back later.
The directions for use of a medication are "ii gtts au q4h x5d". The proper interpretation of "au" is: in both ears
What is the proper method of measuring a liquid in a graduated cylinder?a)hold at eye level and read the top of the meniscus.b)hold at the eye level and read the bottom of the meniscus.c)place graduate on table and read meniscus from above. b)hold at the eye level and read the bottom of the meniscus
The porpose of OSHA is to:a)ensure safe and effective drug therapy.b)assign drug recall classifications.c)monitor OTC labeling requirements.d)assure a safe workplace. d)assure a safe workplace
Accoding to federal law, controlled substances must be safeguarded by all of the following EXCEPT:a)dispensing records.b)storage records.c)transport records.d)inventory record. c)transport records
The process of producing a smooth dispersion of a drug with a spatula is called:a)levigation.b)trituration.c)micturition.d)flocculation. a)levigation
Which of the following groups is usually not a member of the P+T Committee?a)medical representative.b)nursing representative.c)dental representetive.d)pharmacy representative. c)dental representetive
The purpose of the P+T Committee is to:a)establish and maintain a drug formulary system.b)recommend policies regarding investigational drugs.c)collect data from drug utilization review.d)all the above. d)all the above
Which of the following drugs is not a beta blocking agent?a)Normodyne.b)Lotensin.c)Tenormin.d)Lopressor. b)Lotensin
The "C" designation for controlled substances must appear on a controlled prescription: in red in the lower right hand corner of the Rx.
The device that links computers via communication lines is called the:a)transfer program.b)modem.c)disc drive.d)RAM. b)modem
A MSDS provides what type of product information? information regarding product ingredients.
A vial of reconstituted Adriamycin breaks inside a vertical flow hood. What should the technician do? clean up the spill with a "spill kit"
The Roman numerals XLII is equivalent to: 42
The pharmacy technician is asked to assist in the compounding of a lotion. In what drug information source would this information be looked up?a)PDR.b)Merck Manual.c)Facts and Comparisons.d)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences. d)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences
If a pharmacy technician discovers a medication has expired, he/she should:a)dispense the drug if it expired within the last week.b)discard the drug.c)follow the manufacturers return policy.d)dispense the drug at a discount price. c)follow the manufacturers return policy
What protective apperal must be worn when reconstituting a chemotherapeutic agent?a)2 pair of gloves.b)a grown.c)a mask.d)all the above. d)all the above
Which of the following drug requires the auxiliary label "May Discolor Urine Red"?a)Bactrim DS.b)Vibramycin.c)Cipro.d)Pyridium. d)Pyridium
Which federal legislation enacted in 1970 regulates the use and distribution of substances with high abuse potential?a)FDCA.b)CSA.c)DEA.d)FDA b)CSA
Which of the following drug is not a laxative?a)Dulcolax.b)Metamucil.c)Imodium.d)Colace. c)Imodium
U-100 insulin contains:a)100 units per 10ml.b)100 units per 1ml.c)100 units per 1/2ml.d)none of the above. b)100 units per 1ml
A patient on warfarin therapy should never take which of the following medications?a)Percocet.b)Tylenol.c)Demerol.d)Percodan. d)Percodan
Which of the following is a Schedule IV controlled substance?a)Lomotil.b)Xanax.c)Demerol.d)Haldol. b)Xanax
The pharmacy technician receives a call from a patient that indicates their 16 months old child has just ingested half a bottle of Children's Tylenol. What may the pharmacy technician not do? tell them to induce vomiting immediately.
After reconstitution, how should the drug filgrastim be stored?a)at room temperature for 24 hours.b)in the refrigerator or at room temp for 7 days.c)in the freezer.d)there are no specific storage requirements for this drug. b)in the refrigerator or at room temp for 7 days
How many gallons are contained in 144 pints?a)17.b)18.c)19.d)20 b)18
185ml is equivalent t how many fluid ounces?a)5.75.b)6.0.c)6.17.d)6.5 c)6.17
Heparin belongs to which pharmacological category?a)anticonvulsant.b)anticoagulant.c)antibiotic.d)antipsychotic. b)anticoagulant
When a drug is filtered by the kidney into the bladder, this process is called:absorption.b)secretion.c)distribution.d)elimination. d)elimination
The computer program used for dispensing medication in the pharmacy setting is referred to as:a)hardware.b)madiumware.c)software.d)modem. c)software
Goals, Policies and Procedures, and Mission Statements are all examples of:a)strategic planning.b)tactical planning.c)emergency planning.d)risk management. a)strategic planning
Which of the following drugs is an antiarrhythmic?a) Panadol.b)Pravachol.c)Prolixin.d)Pronestyl. d)Pronestyl
The dispensing label on an outpatient pharmacy prescription requires:a)manufacturers lot #.b)physicians DEA#.c)legal name of pharmacy and address. c)legal name of pharmacy and address.
Efudex cream:a)may be used as an anti-infective.b)should be applied 3-4 times daily.c)should be applied with gloves or nonmetalic object.d)is available as an OTC product. c)should be applied with gloves or nonmetalic object.
Therapeutic equivalency indicates that the two drugs:a)are the same shape and color.b)have the same quantity of active ingredient.c)belong to the same therapeutic class.d)are equally effective at the same dose. b)have the same quantity of active ingredient.
Materials management refers to:a)the drug procurement process.b)inventory control.c)drug storage.d)all the above. d)all the above.
The red "C" in the lower right corner of a Rx designates that the drug is:a)Schedule I contolled substance only.b)schedule II controlled substance only.c)schedule II, III, IV or V controlled substances.d)all the above. c)schedule II, III, IV or V controlled substances.
When developing a policy and procedure for ensuring the saftey of a drug in a multidose vial, all the following should be considered except:a)the cost of the medication.b)the stability of the medication.c)the presence of a suitable preservative. a)the cost of the medication.
Scanning for drug prices and stock levels would be accomplished with which device?a)compiler.b)modem.c)barcode reader.d)zip-drive. c)barcode reader.
An "automatic stop order" in the institutional setting would apply to which category of drug?a)antidepressants.b)antipsychotics.c)antibiotics.d)antihypertensives. c)antibiotics.
The appearance of crystals in mannitolinjection indicates: that the solution is cold and the crystals may be redissolved.
Which of the following medications is an anticonvulsant?a)atenolol.b)dextromethorphan.c)carbamazepine.d)isoxsuprine. c)carbamazepine.
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