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Online Catalog

Learning the Online Catalog

A ----------------is when you enter a word and click Title, you get a list of books and resources with that word anywhere in the title. Title Search
What is an E-Book? An E-book is an electronic book. A person can read an e-book on computers or other electronic devices.
What is a search engine? Search engines are programs that search for information using keywords. A search engine will give you a list of websites, images, and videos that match your keywords.
Google, Bing, and Yahoo are examples of ----------. Search engines
The online catalog is an example of a ---------------- Database
A ---------- is a collection of information organized in such a way that a computer can quickly select pieces of information. You can think of it as a file cabinet on the computer. Database
You would like to learn about snakes and what they eat. What search option would give you the best results? Subject
You would like to see if Jeff Kinney has written a new book. What search option would give you the best results? * Author
If a book is checked out from the library, you can place that book on______, and when it becomes available the librarian will check it out to you.. * Hold
If you would like to keep your books for another week you can renew your books using the online catalog. yes
Can you use the online catalog to find other databases and reliable websites? * yes
You are interested in reading any book that is about Texas. It does not matter if it is fiction or non fiction. What search option would give you the most hits? Keyword
You would like to see if we have the next book in the Kane Chronicle _________. What search option would be the best? Series
E POL is an example of the ..... Call number for an everybody book.
FIC ACK is a call number. The FIC stands for _________. FIC stands for Fiction. This book will be located in the Fiction section of the library. ACK is the first letters of the Author's Last name.
362 ELO is an example of the..... Call number for a non fiction book.