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Branches of Science

The Scientific Method A logical process for determining why things happen
What comes first in the Scientific Method? The Question
What comes second in the Scientific Method? The Hypothesis
What comes third in the Scientific Method? The Materials
What comes fourth in the Scientific Method? The Procedure
What comes fifth in the Scientific Method? The Observations
What comes sixth in the Scientific Method? The Recording & Analyzing
What comes seventh in the Scientific Method? The Conclusion
The Question The reason why you are doing the activity.
The Hypothesis An educated guess or prediction based on what you already know.
The Materials Tools used during the investigation that must be gathered before you start.
The Procedure The plan or steps that you follow in order to test your hypothesis.
The Observations The information or data gained from using your five senses during the investigation.
The Recording and Analyzing The charts, graphs, and notes that you make about the information collected during the investigation.
The Conclusion The answer to the question which started the investigation.
Science The body of knowledge and theory dealing with things in nature and the universe and with the forces that create, shape, and form them. Bast on facts obtained from experiments and study.
Astronomy Study of the universe, and the celestial bodies, gas, and dust within it.
Biology Study of living things.
Zoology Study of animal life.
Botany Study of plants.
Chemistry Study of the composition, structure, properties, and interactions of matter.
Ecology Study of living things and their surroundings.
Geology Study of earth's structure, composition, history, and changes in its surface.
Physics Study of matter, energy, and the laws governing them.
Meteorology Study of earth's atmosphere and weather.
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