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Serial Killers

Personality Characteristics of Serial Killers Smart, Good Looking, Charming, No Conscience, Need for Control, Enjoy Victims' Terror, Able to Tell Right from Wrong
Does something to evade detection Modus Operandi
Does something out of enjoyment or anger Signature/Trademark
Time of Offense, Description Used to Gain Entrance to Victims, Vehicle Type (if used in crime) Modus Operandi
Unusual Characteristics of a murder repeated @ several crime scenes Signature/Trademark
Behaviors unnecessary for the kill Signature/Trademark
Rape, binding, overkill, posing, mutilation, trophies/souvenirs, foreign object insertion, biting, gagging, torture, necrophilia Signature/Trademark
A typical serial killer is a ____ male white
A typical serial killer is age ___-____ 18-32
A typical serial killer is a victim of ________ child abuse
a typical serial killer shows signs of __________ McDonald Triad
Profile of a "typical" serial killer white male, 18-32, victim of child abuse, signs of McDonald Triad
1/few vs. many limited number of times Mass Murder
Perpetrator is a stranger or known to the victim Mass Murder
Non-repetitive homicides Mass Murder
Motivated politically or by anger Mass Murder
1 vs. 1/few many times Serial Killer
Sexual or Aggressive Motivation Serial Killer
Repetitive homicides Serial Killer
Perpetrator is a stranger or acquaintance to victim/s Serial Killer
In neuroimaging studies of psychopaths there is _____ activity in the frontal cortex less
in neuroimaging studies of psychopaths there is less activity in the ___________ frontal cortex
In neuroimaging studies of psychopaths there is _____ heart rates, glucose use, and perspiration. decreased
_______ studies of psychopaths show less frontal cortex activity, lower heart rates, lower glucose use, and lower perspiration. Neuroimaging
plan months or years in advance organized killer
married, good job, good member of society organized killer
bring instruments of crime with to the scene organized killer
smart, knowledgeable of forensic evidence and law enforcement's investigative capabilities organized killer
don't plan committing a murder, its spontaneous disorganized killer
unemployed, no car disorganized killer
psychotic or not smart disorganized killer
Role of fantasy in serial murder compulsive masturbation, indecent exposure, voyeurism, fetishism, cross-dressing, fantasies of rape/murder or both
Reality is as good as fantasy so they ______ it repeat
Reality isn't as good as fantasy so they _______ try again
enjoy watching terror Power Oriented
they are "improving" the world by killing the undesirable Mission oriented
kill because they were directed by hallucinations Visionary
Gain sexual satisfaction from raping, killing, mutilating, & sometimes eating the victim Hedonistic
bedwetting after 12, setting fires, killing small animals McDonald Triad
60% of serial killers ______ past age 12 wet the bed
ViCAP Violent Criminal Apprehension Program
eliminates problems preventing the apprehension of serial killers ViCAP
ViCAP eliminates lack of _______ between police agencies cooperation
ViCAP eliminates lack of _______ between local, state and federal agencies communicaton
ViCAP eliminates _______ of serial killers mobility
ViCAP eliminates lack of prior _______ between victims and assailant association
ViCAP eliminates _____ bodies unidentified
ViCAP eliminates lack of _____, _______, _______, ______ of serial killers, and ________ bodies cooperation, communication, association, mobility, unidentified
ViCAP submission criteria for homicides random, sexually oriented, lack motive, appear to be part of a series
ViCAP submission criteria for missing persons strong likelihood of foul play or victim remains missing
ViCAP submission criteria for unidentified bodies if manner of death appears to be criminal homicide
A case can be entered into ViCAP if a homicide is _________, _________, lacks _____, appears to be ________. random, sexually oriented, motive, part of a series
A case can be entered into ViCAP if a missing person has a strong likelihood of _______ or victim ______________ foul play, remains missing
A case can be entered into ViCAP if an unidentified body has a ___________ appearing to be criminal homicide manner of death
An advantage of ViCAP is you can recognize serial killing in the ________ early stages
An advantage of ViCAP is it may clear up __________ when the suspect is apprehended unsolved murders
An advantage of ViCAP is that it creates a pooling of clues that may lead to a __________ and eliminate them quickly list of suspects
3 advantages of ViCAP early stage recognition, clear unsolved murders, pools clues
A difficulty faced by investigators is that serial murders are very _____ between states mobile
A difficulty faced by investigators is that there is a lack of __________ with victims prior association
A difficulty faced by investigators is that serial killers tend to use _______ for deceased victims remote burial sites
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