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Specific Serial Killers

Intelligent, college educated, handsome man who faked injuries and impersonated police officers to gain access to his victims Ted Bundy
His criminal activity began as a peeping Tom and as a shoplifter Ted Bundy
While at the University of Washington, he worked for a suicide hotline w/ writer Anne Rule Ted Bundy
Anne Rule wrote "A Stranger Beside Me" about... Ted Bundy
Majority of his victims were young women w/ blonde/light brown hair parted in the middle Ted Bundy
Many victims were stabbed, raped, tortured, and had been strangled w/ panty hose. He desecrated and dismembered them. Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy confessed to killing 23 women, but the official toll is closer to.... 100
Evidence from Ted Bundy's victims at FSU that sealed his fate. Bite Marks
Was put to death in Florida's electric chair in 1989 Ted Bundy
A successful contractor and pillar of his community John Wayne Gacy
Arrested for the murder of more than 30 young boys John Wayne Gacy
Boys were sodomized and strangled. They were tricked into being handcuffed by him. John Wayne Gacy
Buried 28 of his victims in the crawl space under his home John Wayne Gacy
He was put to death by lethal injection on May 10, 1994 John Wayne Gacy
He was calm, cool, and collected. Jeffrey Dahmer
He invited young boys to his apartment to drink and take pictures Jeffrey Dahmer
Killed at least 17 people by inviting them to his apartment, and then drugging, strangling and dismembering them. Jeffrey Dahmer
He cannibalized some of his victims as well. Jeffrey Dahmer
A prison inmate killed him Jeffrey Dahmer
The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez
Avowed devil worshipper Richard Ramirez
Randomly raped and murdered his victims in their homes Richard Ramirez
Most of Ramirez's victims lived near..... Freeways
Killed 1 of his victim's, beat and raped the man's wife, and then raped the couple's 8 year-old son. Richard Ramirez
In 8th grade sniffed glue and smoked pot. When he started killing he moved to shooting cocaine. Richard Ramirez
Captured after a fingerprint lifted fro a stolen car was linked to the Night Stalker. Richard Ramirez
California's fingerprint database had been up and running for only 3 minutes when he was discovered Richard Ramirez
His picture was run in newspapers nationwide. Was spotted in LA. Richard Ramirez
Ran 2 miles and was beaten by a group of people until cops showed up Richard Ramirez
Green River Killer Gary Ridgway
Murdered scores of women in the Seattle area. Gary Ridgway
The longest running homicide investigation in U.S. history... Green River Killer
Pled guilty to murdering 48 teenage runaways and prostitutes who he had strangled and dumped into the Green River in Washington. Gary Ridgway
Arrested in 2001 after DNA and paint evidence linked him with the crimes. Gary Ridgway
Evidence collected in 1987 (saliva and hair) was used as evidence to obtain the arrest warrant. Gary Ridgway
Passed the polygraph test years before he was apprehended Gary Ridgway
BTK stands for? Blind, Torture, Kill
Who is BTK? Dennis Rader
Murdered victims in 25 year crime spree in Wichita Kansas. Dennis Rader
Apprehended after DNA evidence collected at a crime scene was tested against DNA collected from his daughter Dennis Rader
Married w/ 2 children, Boy Scout Leader, a compliance officer in charge of animal control Dennis Rader
Psychopath who morphed into a serial killer, who easily maintained a family life while committing these heinous murders Dennis Rader
Didn't show a lot of affection or emotion Dennis Rader
Monster Aileen Wuornos
A female Prostitute that killed at least 6 men on the roads of Florida. Aileen Wuornos
Was the subject of the film "Monster" Aileen Wuornos
Pawned a camera and radar detector belonging to a victim and left a required thumb print on the receipt. The thumb print matched to an alias Aileen Wuornos
Killers bloody palm print found on vehicle of their victim Aileen Wuornos
Claimed to have killed each victim in self defense Aileen Wuornos
Due to "Williams Rule" information regarding other murders was presented to the jury, showing pattern to the murders committed. Aileen Wuornos
Rare "partnered" serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole
Serial killer from Wisconsin Ed Gein
Was the inspiration for Hannibal Lector and Leatherface Ed Gein
Ted Bundy's psychological type Power Oriented
Dennis Rader's psychological type Power Oriented
Gary Ridgway's psychological type Mission Oriented
Felt he was improving the world by getting rid of undesirable people Gary Ridgway
"Son of Sam" David Berkowitz
David Berkowitz psychological type Visionary
Jeffrey Dahmer's psychological type Hedonistic
Golay and Rutterschmidt's psychological type Comfort
Leslie Van Housten and Lynette Fromme's psychological type Disciple
Killed for financial gain such as insurance benefits or real estate. Golay and Rutterschmidt
influenced people to kill under their charismatic influence Leslie Van Houten and Lynette Fromme
Set 1,412 fires but switched over to killing because it gave him more excitement and TV news coverage David Berkowitz
Serial killer from British Columbia who killed more than 160 Keith Jesperson
Started with dozens of cats and other small animals, before moving on to humans Keith Jesperson
The Riverside Killer William Suff
profiler stated that the killer targeted Caucasians. Then he killed a Hispanic prostitute and dumped her next to police station to show he was in control William Suff
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