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Forensic Pathology

Review for 12th grade Death Analysis Test

Rigor Mortis The stiffening of the muscles after death
Algor Mortis The rate of cooling of a corpse over time
Livor Mortis The discoloration of a corpse due to the pooling of blood
Dual Lividity More than one side of the body displays livor, indicating the body was moved between 2 and 8 hours after death; a red flag for homicide
Rigor begins. What is the PMI? 2-6 hours
PMI Post Mortem Interval
Full rigor is achieved at what PMI? 12 hours
Rigor has completely faded at what PMI? 36-48 hours
Manner of death Accidental, suicide, homicide, natural or undetermined (indicates responsibility; Who, if anyone is at fault).
Mechanism of death What happens inside the body, or the body's response to a situation that brings on death.
Cause of death The major event that brought about the death
Proximate cause of death The factors that led up to the cause of death; the cause of the cause, otherwise known as secondary causes.
Butyric Fermentation The body starts to dry out. Most of the flesh is gone.
Putrefaction Odor of decaying flesh is present and the corps appears swollen
Black Putrefaction Very strong odor. Parts of the flesh appear black. Gases escape and the corpse collapses.
Dry Decay Corpse is almost dry. Further decay is very slow from lack of moisture.
Tent Girl A body that was unidentified for 30 years. The PMI was much longer than estimated because the body was preserved in a tent like material.
Cause of Rigor Mortis Depletion of oxygen and concentration of Calcium ions.
Cause of Livor Mortis Break down (or autolysis) of red blood cells, spilling out their contents, which pool to the lowest areas of the body due to gravity and then congeal (set) after 8 hours' time.
Autolysis The spontaneous break down of cells as they self-digest
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