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metronidazole amebicides for amoebiasis, P26-Antiparasitic,P28-Antiprotozal
primaquine antimalarial, P28-Antiprotozal
chloroquine antimalarial, P28-Antiprotozal
dapsone antimalarial, P28-Antiprotozal
artemisinin antimalarial, P28-Antiprotozal
pyrimethamine antimalarial, P28-Antiprotozal
trimethoprim antimalarial, P28-Antiprotozal
Amphotericin B antifungal, natural, polyene, P28-Antiprotozal
echinocandins antifungal, natural, P28-Antiprotozal
azoles/triazoles antifungal, synthetic, P28-Antiprotozal
terbinafine antifungal, synthetic, P28-Antiprotozal
flucytosine antifungal, synthetic, P28-Antiprotozal
griseofulvin antifungal, synthetic, P28-Antiprotozal
iodoquinol amebicides for amoebiasis, intestinal, P26-Antiparasitic
chloroquine amebicides for amoebiasis, tissue/extra-intestinal; antimalarial, P26-Antiparasitic
mefloquine antimalarial, P26-Antiparasitic
halofantrine antimalarial, P26-Antiparasitic
pyrimaquine antimalarial, P26-Antiparasitic
atovaquine antimalarial, P26-Antiparasitic
proguanil antimalarial, P26-Antiparasitic
mebenadazole anthelmintics, P26-Antiparasitic
pyrantel anthelmintics, P26-Antiparasitic
ivermectin anthelmintics, P26-Antiparasitic
phenytoin 1. Na channel blockers, P34-Antiepileptic
carbamazepine 1. Na channel blockers, P34-Antiepileptic
lamotrigin 1. Na channel blockers, P34-Antiepileptic
ethosuximide 2. Ca current inhibitor, P34-Antiepileptic
clobazam 3. (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) GABA enhancer, GABA agonist, P34-Antiepileptic
clonazepam 3. (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) GABA enhancer, GABA agonist, P34-Antiepileptic
phenobarbitone/phenobarbital 3. (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) GABA enhancer, GABA agonist, P34-Antiepileptic Barbiturate, long acting P37-Hypnotic & Anxiolytic
tiagabine 3. (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) GABA enhancer,uptake (-)or, P34-Antiepileptic
vigabatrin 3. (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) GABA enhancer, GABA-transaminase inhibitor, P34-Antiepileptic
gabapentin 3. GABA enhancer, Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) modulation, P34-Antiepileptic
valproate 3. GABA enhancer, Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) modulation, P34-Antiepileptic
topiramate 4. glutamate blockers, P34-Antiepileptic
progesterone 5. hormones, P34-Antiepileptic
levetriacetam 6. synaptic vesicle protein 2A binding agonist, P34-Antiepileptic
retigabine 7. K channel opener, P34-Antiepileptic
penicillins Cell wall synthesis, beta lactam, P27-Antibiotics
cephalosporins Cell wall synthesis, beta lactam, P27-Antibiotics
carbapenems Cell wall synthesis, beta lactam, P27-Antibiotics
monobactams Cell wall synthesis, beta lactam, P27-Antibiotics
vancomycin Cell wall synthesis, non-beta lactam, P27-Antibiotics
bacitracin Cell wall synthesis,non-beta lactam, P27-Antibiotics
polymyxins Cell wall
Cancer goal of treatment Cure, control of the disease, palliation
cancer treatment strategies 1. Neoadjuvant therapy 2. maintenance therapy 3. Adjuvant therapy 4. Induction therapy 5. Salvage therapy
Neoadjuvant therapy To reduce the tumor burden before surgery or radiation
Maintenance therapy Low dose drugs, on a long term basis,, to delay the growth of residual cancer cells
Adjuvant therapy Short course of high-dose drug after radiation or surgery, prevent recurrence
Induction therapy High dose drugs, usually with a combination of drugs, to induce a complete response when initiating
Salvage therapy Potentially curative high dose regimen for pt with recurred symptoms or failure of treatment with another regimen
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