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Tech Drugs

Drugs for Pharmacy Technican

Brand DrugGeneric NamePrimary use
synthroid levothyroxine thyroid replacement
lipitor atorvastatin lowers cholesterol
prilosec omeprazole stomach acid
norvasc amlodipine blood pressure
claritin loratadine allergy
prozac fluoxetine anti depressant
zoloft sertraline anti depressant
glucophage metformin blood sugar control
lanoxin digoxin heart
paxil paroxetine depression
zestril lisinopril blood pressure
zocor simvastatin cholesterol
prevacid lansoprazole stomach acid
celebrex celecoxib pain
coumadin warfarin anti coagulant
vasotec enalapril blood pressure
lasix furosemide diuretic
cipro ciprofloxacin antibiotic
keflex cephalexin antibiotic
k-dur potassium chloride potassium supplement
pravachol pravastatin cholesterol
biaxin clarithromycin antibiotic
tenormin atenolol blood pressure
zyrtec cetirizine antihistamine
ambien zolpidem sleep
xanax alprazolam antianxiety
ultram tramadol pain
accupril quinapril blood pressure
prinivil lisinopril blood pressure
cardizem diltiazem blood pressure
glucotrol glipizide blood sugar
allegra fexofenadine antihistamine
toprol xl metoprolol blood pressure
cardura doxazosin lowers blood pressure
fosamax alendronate bone preservation
lotensin benzepril blood pressure
procardia nifedipine blood pressure
viagra sildenafil impotence
motrin ibuprofen pain
depakote valproic acid seizures
dilantin phenytoin seizures
pepcid famotidine stomach acid
wellbutrin bupropion anti depressant
neurontin gabapentin seizures
cozaar losartan blood pressure
diflucan fluconazole antifungal
hytrin terazosin blood pressure
adalat nifedipine blood pressure
ativan lorazepam anxiety
relafen nabumetone pain
monopril fosinopril blood pressure
levaquin levofloxacin antibiotic
calan verapamil blood pressure
elavil amitriptyline antidepressant
buspar buspirone anxiety
lescol fluvastatin cholesterol
naprosyn naproxen pain
diabeta glyburide blood sugar
celexa citalopram depression
effexor venlafaxine depression
zyprexa olanzapine antipsychotic
zantac ranitidine stomach acid
flexeril cylcobenzaprine muscle relaxant
singulair montelukast breathing
vioxx refecoxib pain
provera medroxyprogesterone hormone replacement
amaryl glimepiride blood sugar
diovan valsartan blood pressure
valium diazepam anxiety
soma carisoprodol muscle relaxant
imdur isosorbide mononitrate angina
catapres clonidine blood pressure
restoril temazepam sleep
nolvadex tamoxifen cancer
lopid gemfibrozil cholesterol
desyrel trazadone anti depressant
altace ramipril blood pressure
zyloprim allopurinol gout
inderal propranolol blood pressure
premarin conjugated estrogens hormone replacement
daypro oxaprozin osteoarthitis
proventil albuterol sulfate bronchospasms
flonase fluticasone rhinitis
flovent fluticasone propionate asthma
aricept donepezol hydrochloride moderate dementia
altace ramipril hypertension
axid nazatidine duodenal ulcers
bumex bumetanide edema/congestive heart failure
corgard nadolol hypertension
cycrin medroxyprogeterone acetate hormone inbalance
cylert pemoline ADD with hyperactivity
dalmane fluazepam insomnia
deltasone predisone allergy/ inflammatory diseases
depakote divalproex sodium seizures
dexedrine dextroamphetamine sulfate narcolepsy
entex la phenylpropanolamine hcl and guaifenesin sinusitis
flagyl metronidazole antibacterial
imitrex sumatriptan succinate migraine/ cluster headaches
macrobid nitrofurantoin antibacterial
maxide triamterene and hcl diuretic
megace megestrol acetate breast cancer
cytoxan cyclophosphamide cancer
estraderm estrdiol estrogen hormone
tussionex chlorpheniramine anti tussive
darvocet -n acetaminophen and propoxyhene napsylate mild to moderate pain
demerol meperidine hydrochloride narcotic / pain
duragesic fentanyl transdermal narcotic/ pain
fiorinal aspirin,butalbital, and caffeine pain headaches
fioricet acetaminophen butalbital and caffeine tension headache
percocet acetaminophen and oxycodone hydrochloride narcotic/ pain
percodan aspirin and oxycodone narcotic/ pain
vicodin acetaminophen and hydrocodone bitartrate narcotic/ pain
lortab acetaminophen and hydroconde bitartrate narcotic/ pain
ceftin cefuroxime axetil antibiotic/ chephalosporin
ceclor cefaclor antibiotic
Lantus Insulin Glargine treat type 1 & type 2 diabetes
Levaquin Levofloxacin Anti Bacteria infections, nosocomial pneumonia, skin, sinutitus, UTI, anthrax
Adderall XR Amphetamine, Dextroamphetamine Hyper activity
Diovan Valastran High blood pressure
Zetia Exetimible high cholesterol
Tricor Fenofibrate cholesterol, Triglyceride
Flomax Tamsulosin Enlarged prostrate
Risperdal risperidone schizophrenia, Bi polar disorder
Lyrica Pregabalin gibromayalgia, control seizures, treat nerve pain due to diabetes & shingles
Diovan HCT Valsartan Hydrochlorothiazide Hypertension
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