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DHS PS Ch. 6/7

DHS PS Ch. 6/7 - Electricity (2015)

What type of electric charge do protons have? positive
What type of electric charge do electrons have? negative
In most atoms, the charges of the protons and electrons do what to each other? cancel each other out leaving the atom with no net charge
Atoms become charged by gaining or losing? electrons
The accumulation of excess electric charges on an object is called? static electricity
The _____ ___ ______________ ___ _________ states that a charge may be transferred from object to object, but cannot be created or destroyed. Law of Conservation of Charge
Opposite charges do what when brought near each other? attract
Like charges do what when brought near each other? repel
Charges can act on each other even at a distance because ____. any charge that is placed in an electric field will be pushed or pulled by the field
Electrons move more easily through? conductors
An example of static electricity would be: when you rub your feet on the carpet
The rearrangement of electrons on a neutral object caused by a nearby object that is? charging by induction
A negatively charged balloon near your sleeve causes an area of your sleeve to become _______ charged. positively
A transfer of charge through the air between two objects because of a buildup of static electricity is called? static discharge
Using a conductor to direct an electric charge into the gound is called? grounding
The flow of charges through a wire or conductor is called? electric current
Current is usually the flow of? electrons
Electric current is measured in? amperes (A)
The push that causes charges to move is called? voltage difference
Voltage difference is measued in? volts (V)
For charges to flow, the wire must always be connected in a closed path or ______? circuit
What type of battery produces a voltage difference between its zinc container and its carbon suspension rod, causing current to flow between them? dry cell
What type of battery contains two connected plates made of different metals in a conducting solution? wet cell
What has a voltage difference across the two holes of an electrical outlet, and a generator at a power plant that provides this voltage difference? wall sockets
The tendency for a material to oppose the flow of electrons, changing electrical energy into thermal energy and light is called? resistance
All materials have some electrical _____. resistance
Resistance is measured in? ohms
Making wires _____ , ______ , or _______ increases the resistance of a wire. longer, thinner, or hotter
The current in a circuit equals the voltage difference divide by the resistance is called? Ohms's law
______ ________ produce a voltage difference across the outlets in homes. Power Plants
When the current has only one loop to flow through it is called a _____ _______? series circuit
Why are the parts of a series circuit wired one after another? So the amount of current is the same through every part
What is it called if any part of a series circuit is disconnected, no current flows through the circuit? open circuit
What is it called when a circuit contains two or more branches for current to move through? parallel circuit
In what type of circuit can individual parts be turned off without affecting the entire circuit? parallel circuit
Household circuits use what type of circuits that are connected in a logical network? parallel circuits
What contains a small piece of metal that melts if the current becomes too high, opening the circuit and stopping the flow of current? electric fuse
What contains a small piece of metal that bends when it gets hot, opening the circuit and stopping the flow of current? circuit breaker
Electrical energy is easily converted to? mechanical, thermal, or light energy
Electrical power is express in? watts (W)
What is static electricity? a buildup of excess electric charge.
What exerts the force that causes other electric charges to move? the electric field
Which has the weakest repulsion between charges? like charges at a long distance
Elements that are shiny and good conductors of electricity are metals
Why are metals good conductors of electricity? Outer-level electrons are weakly held.
The process of transferring charge by touching is called charging by contact
Because electric forces act at a _______, objects do not have to be touching to be affected. distance
According to Ohm's law, as resistance in a circuit __________, the current _________. decreases, increases
Electric charges always flow from high-voltage areas to low-voltage areas
Electric current in a circuit is measured in amperes
What is the push that causes charges to move? Voltage difference
What is the tendency for a material to oppose the flow of electrons called? Resistance
What is the standard voltage difference of electrical energy entering homes in the United States? 120 V
What is the standard voltage difference in circuits containing air conditioners and electrical dryers? 240 V
The purpose of fuses and cicuit breakers is to prevent circuits from overheating
The rate at which electical energy is converted to another form of energy is called electrical power
Electrical power is expressed in watts
Reistance is measured in a unit called ohm
The statement that current is equal to the voltage difference divided by the resistance is known as Ohm's law
Electric charge that has accumulated on an object is referred to as static electricity
A static discharge differs from an electric current in that a static discharge lasts for only a fraction of a second
A material through which electrons do NOT easily flow is a(n) insulator
If the leaves of an electroscope spread apart, it indicates that the leaves of the electroscope have recieved a charge
Lightning is _______ a large discharge of static electricity between the sky and the ground.
The carbon rod in a standard D-cell serves as a conductor to transfer electrons
Sources of constant electric current could be _____? dry cell battery, wet cell battery, or outlet
Which of the following is a device designed to open an overloaded circuit and prevent overheating by bending metal? circuit breaker
Electrical wires somethimes have a plastic coating wrapped around them. How does this make the wires safer to handle? plastic is a good insulator
Most of the electrical energy used by a toaster is converted to? thermal energy
After Tammy removes her sweater by pulling it over her head, she notices that her hair is standing straight up. What causes this to happen? Her hairs now have similar charges causing them to repel each other.
What exerts the force that cuases other electric charges to move? the electric field
The law of conservation of charge states that? electric charge can not be created or destroyed
The negatively charged particles in an atom are called? electrons
The rearrangement of electrons on a neutral object caused by a nearby charged object is called? charging by induction
According to Ohm's law, as the resistance in a circuit increases, the current _________? decreases
According to Ohm's law, as the resistance in a circuit _____, the current decreases. increases
In which type of circuit does current essentially have no resistance causing a circuit breaker to trip? short circuit
What contains a piece of metal that melts if the current becomes to high? fuse
What allows electrons to move through it easily? conductor
What contains a piece of metal that bends when it gets hot? circuit breaker
What detects the presence of electric charges? electroscope
V represents _______ ? Voltage Difference
Voltage Difference is measured in ______ ? Volts
P represents ______ ? Power
Power is measure in _____ ? Watts
I represents _____ ? Current
Current is measure in ______ ? Amps
E represents _____ ? Electrical Energy
Electrical Energy is measured in _____ ? kWh
t represents _____ ? Time
Time (when dealing with electricity) is measured in ____ ? Hours
R represents _____ ? Resistance
Resistance is measured in _____ ? Ohms
Vout represents ______ ? Output Voltage
Vin represents ______ ? Input Voltage
N1 represents ____ ? Number of turns the primary coil
N2 represents ____ ? Number of turns in the secondary coil
Name the two scientists that discovered electromagnetic induction. Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry
The generation of an electric current by a changing magnetic field Electromagnetic induction
Transforms ME to EE Generator
Transforms EE to ME Electric motor
In the U.S.
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