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Hospitality Midterm

hospitality industry
food and beverage industry
lodging industry
recreation industry
travel industry
tourism industry
business travel
pleasure travel
Front of the House employee and example Work in areas that guests usually see like a lobby. They are like a front desk employee or a bell hop.
Back of the House employee and example Work in areas that guests don't usually see like a kitchen. They are like a chef or a maid in a hotel.
customer service Total experience a customer has with that business.
customer Someone who purchases products or service from a business.
customer satisfaction Positive feeling the customer has about a business.
quality service is a service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.
consistent quality service providing the same good service and products each time a customer comes too a business.
service encounter is a service that meets or employee.
word of mouth publicity poor service results in loss of customer.
critical moment
cruise Pleasure trip taken by boat.
amenity Extra item or service.
accessible Able to be entered and used by a person with a disability.
peak season Season with high demand.
off peak season Season with low demand.
recession Period when economy is slowing down.
expansion Period when economy is growing.
demographic trend Increase or decrease overtime in the number.
social trend Change in structure or beliefs in society.
lifestyle trend Change in way people live their lives.
globalization When economies from different nations become interconnected.
restaurant concept whole idea of restaurant.
theme specific idea around something
ambiance feeling or mood associated with particular place
market people who could buy what you are selling
market segment small part of market
target market who you choose the target
commercial food service Consists of food and beverage businesses
quick service restaurant Provides customers with convenience, speed, and basic service at low prices
cafeteria foodservice where food is in a serving line
buffet Food displayed on tables
full service restaurant people are seated and give orders to servers
catering provision of food for special event
institutional food service food service provided
food service within a consumer business business inside another business
menu List of food and drinks
standardized recipe recipe that has been tested for the same result
food production changing raw foods into menu items
food presentation art of making food look good
plating placing food on plate
a la carte pricing everything is priced differently
table d’hote pricing complete meal offered at a set price
party group of people who eat together
nutrients help maintain the body
recipe instructions for cooking
yield amount of food
flatware consists of knives,forks and spoons
glassware drinking glasses
plateware dishes
Created by: Alex1255
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