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Geography Part 1


What part of the Roman Empire became known as the Byzantine Empire? The Eastern Roman Empire
When did the Western Roman Empire collapse? 476 CE
What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire? What was unique about this city? Constantinople, it was the wealthiest and largest city
What religion did the Constatine embrace? Christianity
Under what emperor did the Byzantine Empire reach its peak in power? Justinian 1
What was the Corpus of Civil Law also know as? Justinian Code
What is the Hagia Sophia and where was it built? A beautiful and massive church built in Constantinople
What did the Byzantine Empire decide to do in 1054 CE? the Catholic church split
What group of people did the Byzantine Empire fight against for control of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea? Muslims
What empire defeated and destroyed the Byzantine Empire in 1453 CE? the Ottoman Empire
What did Byzantine art focus on? Religion
What is the city of Constantinople called today? What modern country is it located in? Istanbul and Turkey
From what years did Justinian 1 reign or rule? 527-565
How was Justinian a very fortunate child? His uncle was a rising star in the emperors imperial guard
What was Justinian's wife Theodora like? Intelligent and one of his closest advisors and supporters
To where was Justinian able to expand the Byzantine Empire? The Western Roman Empire
Why is the Justinian Code so important? The laws protected people
How did Justinian improve the Byzantine Empire? he added laws that was so well-written it became the basis laws for many places
Why were many people unhappy with Justinian's rule? he had high taxes for his army and building projects
How many people were killed in the Chariot Races? 30,000 people
What year did Justinian die? 565 CE
What groups of people had more rights because of the Justinian Code? Slaves and Women
What happened in Constantinople in the 540's? A horrible plague, Justinian got sick from it but he recovered
What two continents did the Byzantine Empire serve as an in-between or a buffer to? Europe and Asia
What does the term "Byzantine" come from? an ancient Greek colony founded by the Byzas
What was the most common spoken language in Constantinople? Greek
Why did the Eastern Empire or Byzantine Empire were able to survive much longer than the Western Empire? They were more stronger, had an administrative center, had more wealth and control, and had internal political stability
What did the Council of Chalcedon decide in 451 CE? the division of the Christian world into five partriarchates
How did the Byzantine emperor become the spiritual leader of most Eastern Christians? The Byzantine emperor was the patriarch of Constantinople, and the head of both church and state
Even though Justine 1 was considered a great leader by many, what problems did he leave the Byzantine Empire after his death? His successors were forced with a lot of tax to the citizens. The imperial army was stretched to thin.
Who started attacking the Byzantine Empire in 634 CE? What lands did they take from the Byzantine Empire? The Muslims began attacking the Byzantines. They lost Syria, the Holy Land, Egypt, North Africa to Islamic forces too thin.
During the 700s and 800s CE, what did some Byzantine Empires try to deny? holiness of icons and prohibited their worship or veneration.
What are some successes of the Byzantine Golden Age of the 10th and 11th centuries? More control over trade, more wealth and international prestige, churches, and patronized arts
What problems did the Crusades cause the Byzantine Empire? lack of money and the city's population
What started happening to the Byzantine Empire from 1200s CE to 1400s CE? it started falling
What was Mehmed 2 able to do on May 29, 1453 CE? he completed a process when he launched the final attack on the city.
What type of religious building did the Hagia Sophia become? the city’s leading mosque
What happened to the last Byzantine Emperor Constantine 11? he died in a battle
List several ways the influence of the Byzantine Empire is still around today food, some culture, and government
Created by: rainbow123
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