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Energy Unit Review

What is energy? the ability to do work
What is potential energy? energy of position or energy at rest
What are 2 types of potential energy? gravitational (due to position/gravity) chemical (stored in our food or fuel)
What is kinetic energy? energy of motion
What does the law of conservation of energy state? energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply is constantly changing form
What is heat? the total amount of thermal energy created by the speed and number of molecules in an object
What is temperature? the average speed of the molecules in a substance
Name the 3 different ways in which heat can be transferred... conduction, convection, radiation
How does heat transfer in conduction? particles are in direct contact (touching) the heat source
How does heat transfer in convection? Particles are warmed, become less dense, expand, rise up, and then cool down, become more dense, compact and fall back down towards the heat source...to become reheated and begin the cycle again.
In what states of matter does convection occur? liquids and gasses
How does heat transfer in radiation? energy moving in waves
What properties would an object have if it was a good conductor of heat? dark colored and a rough texture
What properties would an object have if it was a poor conductor of heat? light colored and a smooth surface
Fast moving particles create what type of temperature? HOT
Slow moving particles create what type of temperature? COLD
Temperature is measured in what metric unit? degrees Celcius
What is temperature is a measure of. how fast particles are moving in a substance
What types of materials absorb the most heat? dark colored and rough textured surfaces
What types of materials reflect the most heat? light colored and smooth textured surfaces
Created by: Mr.McKeehan