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Ch13 Stabilize/Bind

Ch13 Stabilize & Bin

Shan Zhu Yu *** (also called Shan Yu Rou) (Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit) Stabilizes the KD, secures essence/primal Qi; Stops excessive sweating and supports that which has collapsed; TONIFIES the LV and KD; Stabilizes the menses, stops bleeding NOT w/urinary pain or difficulty, or w/DH
Wu Wei Zi *** "Five tastes seed" (Schisandra fruit) Contains leakage of LU qi and STOPS COUGH; Tonifies the KD, binds essence, stops diarrhea (calms intestines); Inhibits sweating and generates fluids; Quiets the spirit while calming and containing HT Qi
Wu Mei *** "Black Plum" (Mume fruit) Inhibits leakage of LU Qi, stops cough; Generates fluids & alleviates thirst; Expels roundworms and alleviates pain; Binds up Intestines and stops diarrhea; Stops bleeding; Used topically for corns and warts NOT w/internal excess heat or constraint, EPF
Rou Dou Kou *** "Fleshy Cardamon" (nutmeg seeds) Binds up intestines and stops diarrhea (for day-break diarrhea); Warms the middle burner, moves Qi, alleviates pain NOT w/hot diarrhea or heat in ST
Jin Ying Zi *** "Golden cherry fruit" (Cherokee rosehip) Stabilizes the KD and secures essence; Binds up Intestines and stops diarrhea (mostly used by older Pt) NOT w/excess pathogenic influences, like heat. prolonged use or overdose may cause Ab pain or constipation
Fu Pen Zi *** "Overturned [bed]pan fruit" (Chinese raspberry) Augments and stabilizes KD (yin), binds essence, and contains urine (for incontinence and infertility); Assists the yang and improves vision CAUTION w/yin xu heat, NOT w/urinary difficulty
Fu Xiao Mai *** "Light wheat grain" (light wheat grain) Inhibits sweating, augments HT Qi, inhibits (stabilizes) HT fluids, clear heat from pores and interstices NOT when sweating d/t EPF
Hai Piao Xiao *** (Also called Wu Zei Gu) (cuttlefish bone) Restrains, holds in, stops bleeding; Secures essence & stops discharge (spermatorrhea, leukorrhea); CONTROLS ACIDITY, alleviates pain (for GERD); Resolves dampness, promotes healing NOT w/Zhi Fu Zi and Bai Ji, extended use may cause constipation
Sang Piao Xiao *** "mulberry piao xiao" (praying mantis egg-casing) Tonifies the KD, assists the yang, secures the essence, contains urine (for bedwetting in children, incontinence, impotence) NOT w/yin xu heat, or DH in the BL
Created by: Nyssab