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Nutrition exam 2

nutrition exam 2

two types of amino acids essential and non essential
essential amino acids cannot be made by body
non essential amino acids can be made by body
conditionally essential amino acid cannot be made from dietary essential amino acid. ex: PKU
Eat protein to... provide essential amino acids & provide enough protein to make non essential amino acids.
Gastrin hormone that increases gastric acid secretion (HCL) - uncoils and breaks down protein
Pepsin enzyme in the stomach activated by acidic environment
proteases secreted by pancreas and intestine - digest amino acids.
peptidases intestinal wall enzymes - digest smaller chains of amino acids
Absorption amino acids are absorbed across the intestinal wall, released into portal vein
AA's in the liver are... combined into protein, converted to glucose or fat, can be used for energy
8 functions of proteins building materials for growth/maintenance, enzymes, hormones, fluid balance, acid/base regulators, transporters, antibodies, energy source and glucose.
protein turnover/AA pool constant turnover, constantly used while others are built, no protein storage in body.
nitrogen balance amount of consumed nitrogen compared to nitrogen excreted (urine, feces, sweat).
+ nitrogen balance if amount consumed is more than amount excreted. Important during periods of growth (adolescence, pregnancy)
- nitrogen balance happens in extreme trauma, malnutrition, fever, infection
complete protein contain all essential AA in similar amounts needed by the body. (animal sources)
Limiting amino acid AA in least supply of a food item
complementary proteins combining AA so limiting AA are covered.
Reference protein egg
Amino acid scoring comparing to AA reference (egg)
biological value measured nitrogen absorbed
Created by: twhittak
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