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Drama Terms

Playing Conditions the elements of time, place, weather, objects and the slate of the individual in order to help actors to interpret their characters
Energy the fed that drives acting enlivens performances, creates empathy
Concentration the ability to direct all thoughts, energies and skills toward a given goal
Sensory Awareness the heightened perception of the 5 senses
Physicalization the external manifestation of a desire condition or feeling
Self Concept self knowledge get appreciation
Cut-off Lines lines interrupted by another actor
Playing the Moment responding to what happens
Playing the obstacles how a character faces an obstacle
Playing the objections methods which characters to reach goals
Faded Lines lines that trail off because the characters don't finish
Inflection feel that drives acting
Subtext the ideas and thoughts that a character thinks about but doesn't say out loud
Articulation the specific shaping of sounds by a speaker
Given Circumstances the information which includes the play's environmental conditions, previous action and character's point of view
Projecting reaching out both vocally avid, physically to the last seat of a distant balcony
Observation the ability of nothing of noticing people's emotions, physical characteristics and voice and diction patterns
Emotional memory recalling specific emotions such as fear, joy or anger and substituting if for the character's emotion
Focus the direction of an actor's attention, action, emotion or line delivery
Motivation the reason behind a character's behavior
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