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Records Management

Ch. 10 QUIZ

a system for storing and retrieving records by LOCATION Geographic records management
T/F: Some examples that we would use geographic records storage: org. that operate in several locations, scientific studies/collections, property records, tracking construction/maintenance activities. T
Two advantages of geographic filing numerous records for same locations filed together, related records group easily moved
Two disadvantages of geographic filing user must know the location or consult an index, guide/folder arrangements complex
Geographic records management depends on what 3 factors? Type of business, the way reference is made to records, geographic areas related to records
4 divisions from major to minor of geographic records management country, state, city, correspondent's name
Geographic records can be stored in what 2 kinds of arrangements? Dictionary and encyclopedic arrangement
arrangement in which records are arranged in alphabetic order and all types of entries are interfiled Dictionary arrangement
arrangement in which records are arranged in alphabetic order and contains major divisions and subdivisions Encyclopedic arrangement
When should you use a cross-reference for geographic filing? Organizations having more than 1 address, organizations doing business under other names at different locations
What are the 3 types of geographic record indexes? Numeric file list, alphabetic index, master index
a sheet placed in an alternate location in the file that directs the filer to a specific record stored in a different location other than where the filer is searching Cross-reference sheet
a special guide that serves as a permanent marker in storage indicating that all records pertaining to a correspondent are stored elsewhere Cross-reference guide
a notation on a folder tab or cross-reference sheet that directs the filer to multiple locations for related info SEE ALSO cross-reference
an arrangement of geographic records with primary guides labeled with location names Location name guide plan
an arrangement of geographic records with primary guides labeled with alphabetic letters Lettered guide plan
any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass Compass point
a compass point used as a part of a company name or subject Compass term
a computer system designed to allow users to collect, manage, and analyze large volumes of data referenced to a geographic location by some type of geographic coordinates such as longitude and latitude Geographic info system
the classification of records by geographic location usually arranged by numeric code or in alphabetic order Geographic filing system
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