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JC: How rocks are formed and used

Igneous Rocks Formed as a result of volcanic activity. Hot molten magma cools on or within the crust. e.g. basalt, granite
Sedimentary Rocks Formed from the remains of other rocks, plant life and animal life.e.g limestone, sandstone.
Metamorphic Rocks Igneous or sedimentary rocks that were changed by great heat and pressure e.g marble and quartzite.
Granite Formed when molten magma forced its way into the earths crust. It cooled slowly creating large crystals.Pink, black or grey in colour. Found in Wicklow.
Basalt Formed when lava cooled on the earths surface. Cools quickly creating small crystals. Grey or black in colour.Found in the Giants Causeway.
Limestone Formed on sea bed from the compressed remains of dead fish and sea creatures. Grey in colour. Found in the Burren
Sandstone Formed from layers of sand compressed together and cemented. Brown to red in colour. Found in the Magillycuddy reeks.
Permeable Permeable rocks allow water to pass through them.
Marble Formed when molten magma pushes its way into limestone. It is white, red, green or black. Green marble is found in Connemara
Quartzite Sandstone came in contact with magma during folding. It is grey or white.Found on Croagh Patrick
Natural Resource Something that occurs in nature that is a value to people.e.g water
Drilling A method of extracting oil from deep in the ground.
Open cast mining Cheap method of removing resources from the ground near to the surface.It is not environmentally friendly.
Shaft mining A method of extracting resources deep in the ground e.g coal
Corrib gas field Gas field found off the coast of Mayo.