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phase 1 final

phase 1 final review

in the late 1800s, members of the employee organizations were called ______. journeymen barbers
_____ benefits both blood circulation and organ functionl exercise
ergonomically correct practices include using appropriate _____. footwear
rapport is an example of a ______ relationship. empathetic
intrinsic motivation is the _____ kind of motivation. strongest
motivation that comes from within is called ______. intrinsic motivation
constant ____ blocks the mind from opening up to ideas and discovering solutions to challenges. criticism
bacteriology is the study of the microorganisms called ____ . bacteria
saprophytes are a types of bacteria that live on dead matter and _____ cause disease. do not
bacteria divide into two new cells during ____. mitosis
microorganisms that are resistant to antibiotics are ____. viruses
80 percent isopropyl alcohol can be used to disinfect _____, razors or glass electrodes. shears
universal precautions include _____. bloodborne pathogens
a right-to-know notice must be displayed in a work environment where _____ substances are used. toxic
chemical and/or nail-care services are required proper ventilation by using an ______. air filtration system
when cutting a _____ hair, do not expect the client to hold his head still. child's
mixing left over chemicals is extremely ______. hazardous
a size 3 1/2 clipper blade size that leaves the hair approximately ____ of an inch long. 3/8
_________ strops should be avoided in the barbershop. imitation leather
a cloth towel folded around the barber's hand should be used to _____ loose hair. remove
________ involves the study of large and easily observable structures on an organism. gross anatomy
osteology is the scientific study of ______. bones
the _____ is responsible for producing movement within the body. muscular system
the depressor labii inferioris surrounds the lower part of the ____. lip
the massseter and temporalis muscles are sometimes called ______. chewing muscles
the lesser occipital is located at the ______ of the skull. base
______ is excreted by the large intestine. decomposed food
the water used in the manufacture of cosmetics is processed by ______. distilling
dissolving a liquid, solid, or gas in another substance produces a ______. solution
examples of _____ are metal, carbon and the human body. conductors
the carbon, metal, or glass applicators that direct electric current from a machine to a client's skin are called ______. electrodes
the ____ of an electric current indicates its negative or positive poles. polarity
an alternating and interrupted current that produces a mechanical reaction with no chemical effect is the _______. faradic current
the _____ current produces heat tesla
the layer of the dermis that contains papillae and _____ is the papillary layer. nerve endings
______ is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. sebum
water lost by ______ carries salt and other chemicals with is. perspiation
milia are also known as ______ milk spots
dry, scaly skin, with an absolute or partial deficiency of ____, is the characteristic of asteatosis. sebum
sebum production is not affected by _____. exercise
hair that is missing a medulla is _____. naturally blond
______ mature in a process called keratinization. hair shafts
______ are made up of amino acids. proteins
the strongest chemical bonds in the cortex are ______. peptide bonds
ammonium thoiglycolate permanent waves and ______ chemical hair relaxers break disulfide bonds. sodium hydroxide
_____ hair is the most likely to be damaged by chemical services. fine
androgenic alopecia in men is also called ______. male pattern baldness
_______ is abnormal hair growth and can be treated in the barber shop. hypertrichosis
haircutting capes are made of nylon, _____ and other synthetic materials , in order to shed wet and dry hair more effectively. cotton
at the shampoo bowl, keeping your chin _______ to the floor helps avoid neck strain. parallel
it is essential that the barber is _____ about the products used in the shop and performs a hair and scalp analysis. knowledgable
to perform a professional facial, a barber ______ need to be knowledgeable about the services offered by competing barbershops. does not
the external maxillary artery supplies the ____. mouth
the _____ carry blood to the heart from the head, face and neck. jugular veins
when using a _____, the steam warms the skin, inducing the flow of both oil and sweat, and has an antiseptic effect on problematic skini. steamer
the device used to apply current to the client's skin during ______ is called an electrode. electrotherapy
cataphoresis is a process of _____ penetration involving a positive pole and an acidic product. ionic
keep the fingers of the hand opposite the hand holding the razor ___ to grasp, stretch,and hold the skin firmly during the shave service. dry
an upward, semi-arc stroke towards the barber is the ______ stroke. reverse freehand
the area below the chin is shaved in a ______ stroke. downward
the art of _____ involves the design, cutting and shaping of the hair. haircutting
any hairstyle that maintains or creates the impression of an _____ shape is usually suitable. oval
the aim with a _____ face is to fill out the face at the temples and the chin. diamond-shaped
for a client with a ______ profile, the aim should be to conceal both forehead and chin. convex
______ cutting lines are used to created a one-length look. horizontal
in the _____ technique, the shears are held parallel to the comb shear-over-comb
generally, a ____ cut is followed by shear-and-comb work to fine tune the cut or to perform the arching technique. clipper
______ and thinning specific areas of the hair is best done with a razor. feathering
in ______, the razor follows the comb through the hair, followed by the comb following the razor. razor rotation
all sectioning methods for razor cutting begin by combing the hair into an _____ effect, in which the hair is combed into the natural directions from the crown. umbrella
when removing ____ from the hair, avoid cutting to close to the scalp. bulk
the traditional ______ consists of using a razor to shave the sides of the neck and across the nape. neck shave
free-form is a ______ method that allows the hair to fall into the natural lines of the cut. blow-drying
two basic ____ methods for men are the palm- or finger-rolling technique and the comb technique. hairlocking
before fitting a ______, clean the bald area with cotton dampened with soap and water or alcohol. hairpiece
tilting the head forward while cutting a blunt cut creates _____. graduation
in thermal waving, the _____ of the iron determines the size of the curl. barrel size
if there are open sores, disease, or abrasions present you want _____ performing chemical services. avoid
a pH of 7.0 is _____ on the pH scale, but for the hair, the neutral pH is considered to be 5.0. neutral
hair that is dry, brittle or damaged will benefit from _______ treatments before a permanent wave. reconditioning
a curl reduction can be used if a client is dissatisfied with a permanent wave because the hair is too ______. curly
you should _____ dilute waving solution. never
when ______ is used in a chemical blow-out, it should not be left on the hair for more than 40% of the recommended processing time. sodium hydroxide
______ involves removing part of or all of the natural pigment from the hair. hair lightening
red is complementary color of _____. green
_______ haircolor molecules are smaller than those of temporary colors. semipermanent
self-penetrating colors such as ________ colors make a mild chemical and physical change. semipermanent
aniline derivatrive products of pale, delicate shades designed to be used on pre-lightened hare are called _______. toners
______ are used to deposit a color base and equalize porosity. fillers
_______ is the process of coloring some hair strands lighter than the natural color. highlighting
the _______ technique involves painting lightener or color directly onto clean. styles hair. free-form
______ involves lightening or coloring only the ends of the hair. tipping
gray, white, and salt and pepper hair with a ______ cast can be treated with violet-based products. yellowish
the lunula is the structure at the base of the nail where the ____ and the connective tissue of the nail bed join. matrix
the average rate of growth in the normal _____ is about 1/10 inch per month. adult
pincer of trumpet nail are nails that ha a deep or sharp _____ at the free edge caused by the curvature of the matrix. curvature
_______ can also cause the surface of the nail plate to look like it has been filed with a coarse abrasive. nail psoriasis
a ____ is made of plastic, china or glass and is used for soaking the client's fingers in warm water and antibacterial soap. finger bowl
the ____ nail shape is completely straight across with no rounding at the edges. square
______________ terminal hair appears on the scalp and beard. secondary
Created by: BSPittsburgh
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