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Latin Culture

Stack #206686

The Thrax, Essesarius and Myrmillo were all..... different types of gladiators
Gladiator games took place at the amphitheater Flavium(colosseum)
The underground are that was used for storage of equiptment and wild animals is called the... hypogeum
Agurers are... omen readers who intrpret the flight of birds
Haruspices are... animal sacrificers for entrails necessary for reading (usually liver)
Augry and Harpuspices come from the... estrucans
Vesta is the goddes of hearth home and family
The vestel Virgins took a 30 year oath of chastity
Roman temples often have a.... patico
Hamenes are... priests
The Pontiff Maximus was responsible for... roman state cult
The first aqueduct was the... aqua appia
Negotium... Buisness
The Apodylerium... Dressing room
Plautence and Terrence were... comedians
the proscaenium is... the wall that supported the front edge of the stage
the scaenae frons is... the backwall of the stage
The circus maximus stood inbetween... the palentine and aventine hills
the spina wat the... center/spine of the circus maximus
the metae are the turning posts that mark where the chariots turn
the carceres were.. where the horse and chariots waited to race
the harena is the floor/ track
the via solaria was... the salt road leading to ostia
the via appia was... a road leading from rome to capua to brindiziem
Amphorae were... canisters used to transport goods
the navis oneraria is... a trading boat
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