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Oil & Gas Geology

Test 1

How long have petroleum products been in use? for at least 8,000 years
What are three of the early uses of petroleum? medication, waterproofing, warfare
How did the Egyptians use petroleum? in the mummification process and as medicine
How was petroleum used in ancient Greece? fueled the everlasting flame in the sacred Oracle at Delphi
How did the Persians observe petroleum? they built their temples around natural gas sources
How was oil collected up to the mid 1900's? Collected from seeps, shallow pits, or hand-dug shafts
What are the "seven sisters" of the oil industry? Texaco, Shell, Exxon, Gulf, bp, Mobil, Chevron
What does OPEC stand for? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
What is the study of fossil life called? Paleontology
What are the five main components of an oil deposit? source rock, heat, reservoir, cap rock, trap
What kind of compounds are oil and natural gas? organic hydrocarbons
What are the four types of natural gas hydrocarbons? alkanes, naphthenes, aromatics, & asphaltics
Saturated chains of 5 or more carbon: alkanes
Saturated rings of 5 or more carbon: naphthenes
unsaturated rings of 5 or more carbon: aromatics
very long hydrocarbon chain asphaltics
Created by: stoniertk28