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Coach Ch 2

5th grade Energy, Forces and Motion

Energy- the ability to make things move or change
Thermal energy- the energy of the moving particles that make up all matter
Heat- thermal energy moving from on object or substance to another
Electrical Energy- the energy of moving electric charges
Light energy- energy that we can see
Sound energy- energy that we can hear
Medium- a material through which light travels
Reflection- the bouncing of light off a surface
Mirror- an object with a very smooth surface that forms images by reflecting light
Refraction- the bending of light that occurs when light passes from one material into another
Prism- a clear, or see-through, object that separates white light into all the colors of the rainbow
Electric circuit- the path that an electric current takes
Load- any device that uses electricity
Closed circuit- a complete path for the flow of electricity
Open circuit- an incomplete path for the flow of electricity
Conductor- a material that lets electricity or heat pass through it easily
Insulator- insulator a material that blocks the flow of electricity or heat
Experiment- a controlled test to answer a scientific question
Variable- anything that can change or vary, in an experiment
Position – the place where an object is located
Motion- a change in position over time
Force- a push or pull
Direction- the path that a moving object follows
Speed- a measure of how far an object moves in a certain amount of time
Mass- the amount of matter that makes up an object
Friction- a force that acts between two objects that touch each other or rub together
Gravity- a force that pulls all objects towards each other
Magnetism- the attraction of magnets to objects that contain certain metals, such as iron
Magnet- a metal object that can pull certain other metal objects toward itself
Pole- a region of a magnet where the magnetic force is strongest
Attract- to pull closer
Repel- to push away
Magnetic field- the area around a magnet where it can pull or push
Created by: Shebro