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Flashcards for engine parts and function identification

Connecting Rod (RODS) Connects the Crankshaft and the Pistons
Camshaft Controls the opening and closing of the valves
Valve Lift The amount the Camshaft opens the valves
Duration The time the camshaft opens and closes the valves
(LSA) Lobe Separation Angle The angle between the exhaust open and the intake open points
Compression rings The top two rings of a piston
Oil control ring The bottom ring that keeps oil out of the combustion chamber
Wrist Pin The part that connects the Piston to the Connecting rod
Three The amount of rings a normal automotive engine has
Intake stroke The stroke that vacuums in the air and fuel mixture
Compression stroke at the end of this stroke the air and fuel ignite
Power stroke to power stroke We must carry every engine _______ stroke to _______ stroke
Compression stroke The stroke that squeezes the air and fuel mixture towards the point of combustion
Exhaust stroke The stroke where un-burnt air and fuel are released
Top Dead Center (TDC) The point where the piston is at the top of the stroke
Bottom Dead Center (BDC) The point at which the piston is at the bottom of the stroke
Stroke The difference between TDC and BDC
The formula for Cubic Inch Displacement .7854 * Bore * Bore * Stroke * # of cylinders
3.8 Liters How many liters is a 3800 CC engine ?
Flywheel Which Horsepower will be greater, Flywheel or at the wheels? Explain why??
Combustion Chamber The area of the engine where the explosion of air fuel mixture takes place
Block, Crank, Cam (OHV), Pistons, rods, Bearings, rings Name two items that would come with a "short block" assembly
false (part of the head/s) True or false: A Camshaft would come with a short block assembly in an OHC engine
Top Dead Center (TDC) -- Compression stroke To start with timing, assembly, or dis assembly of an engine what position do we want it in and on what stroke?
(Timing) Belt- (Timing) Chain- Gears (direct) Name two of the three ways to connect a camshaft and a Crankshaft?
Lifter In an OHV engine (small block Ford/Chevy), what part touches the camshaft and the pushrod?
Hydraulic and solid name the two types of lifters?
Created by: warrenb
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