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G #10 Honors Lit.

Sadlier oxford G unit ten 22 vocab terms

Inure verb= take or have effect; to come into use; habituate; toughen or harden
Rebuff noun & verb= A check to action or progress; a blunt or abrupt rejection; check; refuse; drive away
Peremptory adjective= imperious or dictatorial; imperitive; leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal
Oscillate verb= to swing or move to and fro, as a pendulum; vibrate; to vary or vacillate between differing beliefs, conditions, etc.
Foible noun= slight flaw or defect; a minor weakness or failing of character; the weaker part of a sword blade, between middle & point
Sporadic adjective= being or occurring apart from others; appearing in scattered or isolated instances
Concatenation noun= a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events
Benign adjective= having a kindly disposition; favorable; propitious; healthful; self-limiting
Shambles noun= a butcher's shop or stall; any place of carnage; a slaughterhouse; any scene of destruction
Obsequious adjective= obedient; dutiful; fawning; characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference
Forgo verb= to go or pass by; to give up, renounce, or resign; to abstain or refrain from
Penitent adjective & noun= repentant; contrite; feeling or expressing sorrow for a sin or wrongdoing & disposed to atonement or amendment; a person who confesses sin & submits to penance
Decimate verb= to destroy a great number or proportion of; to take a tenth of or from
Reconnoiter verb= to inspect, observe, or survey in order to gain information for military purposes; to observe to gain information for engineering or geological purposes
Concomitant adjective & noun= accompanying; concurrent; a concurrent quality, circumstance, or thing
Charlatan noun= quack; a person who pretends to more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses
Cavil verb & noun= find fault with unnecessarily; a trivial & annoying objection; the raising of such objections
Attenuate verb & adjective= to make thin; slender; fine; lessen; weakened, diminishing; tapering gradually to a narrow extremity
Askance adverb= with suspicion, mistrust, or disapproval; with a side glance; sidewise; obliquely
Obtuse adjective= not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form; dull; rounded at the extremity
Luminous adjective= clear; readily intelligible; shining; bright; radiating or reflecting light
Fraught adjective & noun= filled or laden with; a load; cargo; freight [of a ship]
Created by: AngelCalin