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Ruggiero Chapter 8

Review questons

What do Helium, CO2 (carbon dioxide), and oxygen all have in common? All of these are in the form of a gas.
How do doctors use the salt, barium chloride? The patient drinks the barium chloride and as it moves through the intestines it makes the organs appear sharper and lets them know of any blockages or problems in the digestive system.
What controls the properties of a compound?
How are salts formed? When a metal and nonmetal combine to form a compound it is often called a salt. Sodium Chloride is a salt, which is sodium and chlorine added together.
What conducts heat and electricity? Metals conduct heat and electricity
How do you figure out the mass when you combine two or more gases? when given the mass for each element you need to add up the mass. For example: if carbon is 10grams and oxygen is 5 grams then carbon dioxide is 10+5+5=20
Why do metals have the property of conductivity? Metals are conductive because they do not resist the flow of electricity.
What chemical reaction is like the reverse of photosynthesis? Cell respiration uses food we eat and breaks it down into energy. Photosynthesis creates food from
What common metals are an alloy? Bronze, gold, and iron are mixtures of two or more elements usually metals/
What happens to matter during a chemical change? Matter changes into a new substance during a chemical reaction
How to test if an object is a metal? See if it conducts electricity,shininess, and they don't react to acids.
What two materials combine to make a salt? a metal and a nonmetal
Examples of different compounds that are salts. sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide
An example of a testable question this is a question can one could run an experiment on-for example: Does changing the temperature affect how quickly a chemical reaction takes place?
How do you know a substance is an acid? litmus paper turns red and it tastes sour or sharp.
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