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Pyschology Chap. 4&5

Chapter 4 & 5

What is sensation? the stimulation of sense organs.
What is perception? the selection, organization, and interpratation of sensory input.
What is subliminal perception? is the registration of sensory input without conscious awareness.
What is sensory adaptation? is a gradual decline in sensitivity to prolonged stimulation. It is an automatic, built in process into change.
What is unintentional blindness? is failing to see the unexpected.
Describe the color red. Creates the most active response. First color given a name in all cultures. Increases BP, HR, promotes heat and temp. In nature, its the color of opulence. Stirs strong emtotions: love and anger. Symbolizes courage and danger.
Describe the color white. Absence of pigment of color. Cleanliness, peace, purity, innocence. 80% of paint sold in U.S. is white. Negative associations include surrender, lies, white elephant.
Describe the color yellow. It's the color we see first and the most refective color. Signals something new or unanticipated. Cheerful, lively, comfortable. Also associated with cowardice.
Describe the color green. Largest color family discerned by the eye. Darker shades- durable, reliable. Lighter shades- restful, peaceful. Associated with luxury and money. Also illness and jealousy.
Describe the color blue. Most popular color in U.S. Loyalty, honor, comforatble, and soothing. Businesslike, professional. Also associated with depression and boredom.
Describe the color orange. Same physiological effects as red but not as intense. Key associations: spicy, cheerful, invigorating, breash, healthy and exotic. In business, it means "cheap" as in low cost- Home Depot.
What is the gustatory system? the sensory system for taste.
What is the olfactory system? is the sensory system for smell.
What is the placebo effect? causes a decreased sense of pain or eliminates it altogether.
What is consciousness? the awareness of internal and external stimuli.
What is EEG? is used to monitor electrical activity in the brain.
What is circadian rhythm? are 24-hour biological cylces found in humans and many other species.
What are the sleep stages? Stage 1- light sleep that lasts 1-7 minutes.Stage 2 - lasts 10-25 minutes.Stage 3 or 4 - takes about 30 minutes to achieve and lasts about 30 minutes.Stage 5 - REM sleepSleep cycles reverse and move back upwards to lighter sleep.
What is REM sleep? Rapid Eye Movement sleep is the stage wehre we dream.
What is sleep deprivation? is getting less thatn 6 hours of sleep a night.
What is the rebound effect? It causes people to spend more time in REM sleep to "catch up"
What are the sleep disorders? Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea, Nightmares, Night Terrors, Somnambulism
What is insomnia? Contains: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty remaining asleep, and persistent early morning awakening.
What is narcolepsy? A disease marked by sudden and irrestible onsets of sleep during normal waking hours.
What are night terrors? are abrupt awakenings from non-REM sleep accompanied by feelings of panic. Common in ages 3-8. Heart rate acceleration.
What is somnambulism? Sleepwalking, which happens in the first 2 hours of sleep and lasts 15 seconds to 30 minutes.
What are the three dream theories? They are:1. Sigmund Freud's WISH FULFILLMENT2. Rosalind Cartwright's PROBLEM SOLVING VIEW3. Hobson and McCarley's ACTIVATION-SYNTHESIS MODEL
What is manifest content? consists of the obvious meaning of a dream.
What is latent content? consists of the hidden or disguised meanings in a dream.
What is hypnosis? is a systematic procedure that typicalled produces a heightened state of suggestibility.
What is meditation? refers to a family of practices that train attention to heightened awareness and bring mental processes under greater voluntary control.
What is some common dream content? airplanes, blood, death, exlover, flying, gun, knife, nudity, school, sex, storm, and teeth.
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