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Kinesiology TFH 1

Kinesiology Touch For Health 1

MeridianMuscleNeurolymphaticsNeurovascularsSpinal ReflexOriginInsertion
Central Supraspinatus Raglan Sleeves. Base of skull Frontal Eminences & Anterior Fontanel C1 & 2 Top inner edge of scapula Top of humerus
Governing Teres Major 2 -3 Wide. T2 - T3 Temples T2 Lower border of shoulder blade Front of arm, just below shoulder joint.
Stomach Pectoralis Major Clavicular Left 5 - 6. T5 - T6 Frontal Eminences T5 Middle to end of the collar bones at the base of the throat The groove between the muscles at the front of the upper arm, just below the shoulder.
Spleen Latissimus Dorsi Left 7 - 8 wide. T7 - T8 Parietal bone, above and just behind the ear. T7 Along the spine from T6 between the lower part of the shoulder blades, down to the level of the hips; the top of the hip bones at the back. Inside front of the arm just below the shoulder.
Heart Subscapularis 2 - 3. T2 - T3 Anterior Fontanel T2 Anterior surface of the shoulder blades Front of the top of the upper arms
Small Intestine Quadriceps Rib margins. T8-9, T9-10, T10-11 Parietal Eminence T11 Upper portion of the thigh bone and the hip bone. On shin bone just below knee cap.
Bladder Peroneus Around navel and upper edges of pubic bone. Prominent knobs on the hip bones at L5. Frontal Eminence & Glabella T11 Outer side of the lower leg (top of fibula). Outside & bottom of foot. (2 insertion points)
Kidney Psoas 1" up & out navel. T12 - L1 Occipital Protuberance T11 Along the spine from T12, the level of the last rib, and all the lumbar vertebrae. Inside the upper part of the thigh bone, level with the pubic bone.
Circulation Sex Gluteus Medius Pubic bone. Prominent knob on the hip bones at L5 Parietal Eminence L5 Outer surface of hip bones. Top of side of thigh bone.
Triple Warmer Teres Minor 2-3. T2 - T3. Temples & 3 fingers throat. T2 Lower third of shoulder blades at the edge closest the spine. Just above tip of shoulder blade. Top of the back of the upper arm.
Gall Bladder Anterior Deltoid 3-4, 4-5. T3-4, T4-5. Anterior Fontanel T4 The third of the collar bone nearest the shoulder. Side of the arm about 1/3 down from the top.
Liver Pectoralis Major Sternal Right 5-6. Right T5-6. Hairline, 3-4cms each side of midline. T5 Along the sternum from the 4th to 7th ribs. The groove between the muscles at the front of the upper arm (shared with PMC.
Lung Anterior Serratus 3-4, 4-5. T3-4, T4-5. Anterior Fontanel T3-4 Outer surfaces of upper 9 ribs on the side of chest. Inner surface of scapula, along the edge nearest spine.
Large Intestine Fascia Lata Sides of legs. Fleshy triangles below ribs. Parietal Eminence L2 Outer edge of hip bone, toward the front. Just below the knee on the outside of the leg.
Created by: klm