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Vocab 6 - orange


blossom a flower or group of flowers; the state or time of flowering
blossom to have or produce flowers; to develop, to open up, or appear
collide to strike against each other with force; to clash
constant never stopping; recurring; staying the same; loyal, steady
constant something that does not change or vary
content pleased with or accepting of; not wanting anything else
distract to draw attention to something else, cause to turn aside; to disturb
drought a long time without rain; a prolonged shortage
foul unpleasant to the sense; dirty or polluted; dishonorable; against the rules of the game; stormy or rainy
foul a violation of the rules; a ball that goes outside the boundary lines
foul to pollute or make filthy; to break the rules of a game; to hit a foul
noble of high birth or rank; outstanding; of good moral character
noble someone of high rank or birth
policy a plan, set of rules, or way to act; a written insurance contract
quiver a case used to hold arrows; a trembling motion
quiver to shake or tremble
slight small in a size or degree; not much; not important
slight an act of neglect or discourtesy
tidy to put things in neat or proper order
tidy neat and in a good order; comfortable or large in amount
Created by: amygor34
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