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Library Trivia

Which types of books are made up? Fiction
Which types of books have true information? Nonfiction
What is an autobiography? A book about a person’s life written by himself or herself
What is a biography? A book about a person’s life written by another person
Is a biography fiction or nonfiction? Nonfiction
What is an encyclopedia? A collection of articles organized alphabetically by topic/subject in multiple books.
What is a dictionary? An alphabetical list of words and their meanings
How is a dictionary organized? ABC order
What is a thesaurus? A list of words and their synonyms and antonyms
What is an atlas? A book of maps
What is a database? A searchable collection of information
What’s a graphic novel? A book similar to a comic book, where the story is told in words and pictures
What is another name for chapter book? Novel
Who writes the words in a book? The author
Who creates the pictures in a book? The illustrator
What is a publisher? A company that prints books
What is the purpose of a book spine? The side of the book that holds the pages together
Name four things on a book cover. Title, author, illustrator, picture
Where is a book’s index located? The back of a book
Where is a book’s table of contents located? The front of the book
What is a glossary? A list of important words and their meanings in the back of a book (like a mini dictionary)
What is a caption? A sentence that describes a picture
What does a bold word tell you? A word is important
What is a diagram? A picture with labeled parts
What is a table of contents? A list of chapters in a book and the page number they begin on
What is an index? A list of specific topics in a book and the page number to find it
What is a call number? A number that tells where a book is located on the shelf (a book's address)
Where do you find a book’s call number? On the spine
What is the Dewey Decimal System? The number system that organizes the nonfiction section of the library
How do fairytale call numbers begin? 398.2
How are fiction books organized? ABC order by author’s last name
How are nonfiction books organized? By topic or subject
How do nonfiction call numbers begin? With numbers
In which section would I find the Harry Potter series? Fiction
In which section would I find The Hungry Caterpillar? Everybody section
What is the Caldecott Award? An award given each year to the picture book with the best illustrations
What is the Newbery Award? An award given to the author of the best chapter book of the year
What is plagiarism? Copying someone's work and saying it is your own
What is a citation? A record of a resource; it tells where information came from
What is a bibliography? A list of citations
What does © mean? The material is copyrighted
What is a library catalog? A searchable list of library books
What is a folktale? A traditional story that was told before it was written down and was meant to teach a lesson
What is a genre? A category of books (mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, etc.)
What is fantasy? A genre that has things that could not happen like magic or mythical creatures
What is a mystery? A book that has a puzzle to solve, a detective, clues
What is historical fiction? A book genre that takes place in the past and are from the author's imagination
What is realistic fiction? A book genre in which the story is believable and could happen
Created by: deb.teigland
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