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Timeline of Terror 1

Life, the Universe and Everything

Big Bang creates the universe 14 BYA
Formation of Earth 4.5-4.6 BYA
Formation of the moon 4.4-4.5 BYA
Formation of oldest terrestrial rocks 3.96 BYA
Formation of terrestrial rocks on all continents by this time 3.5 BYA
Cyanobacteria first appear on Earth 3.5 BYA
First fossils of living organisms formed 3.5 BYA
Formation of earliest stromatolites 3.4 BYA
Evolution of soft-bodied multicellular organisms 540-635 MYA
Evolution of hard-bodied organisms 540 MYA
Evolution of marine fish (by this time) 400 MYA
Evolution of transitional species between fish and tetrapods 375 MYA
Evolution of the amniotic egg 340 MYA
Evolution of large amphibians 330 MYA
End of Permian period; largest mass extinction in Earth’s history; formation of Pangaea II 250 MYA
Evolution of dinosaurs 230 MYA
Evolution of first mammals 200-250 MYA
Formation of Archaeopteryx fossil 155 MYA
Formation of birdlike reptilian fossils in China 110 MYA
Existence of mammalian ancestor of humans, cows, whales and bats 100 MYA
Apes and rodents diverge 80 MYA
Cretaceous period ends/Tertiary begins (K-T boundary); extinction of dinosaurs. 65 MYA
Evolution of primates 60-80 MYA
Terrestrial mammals begin to evolve into dolphins/porpoises/whales 50 MYA
Existence of last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees 6-7 MYA
Australopithecus evolves in Africa 4.1 MYA
North and South America connect 3 MYA
Most recent Ice Age begins 2.8 MYA
First stone tools 2.6 MYA
Evolution of homo habilis 2.3 MYA
Evolution of homo erectus 1.8 MYA
Evolution of homo sapiens 200,000 years ago
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