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chapter 9 and 10

Andes mountains a large system of mountain ranges located along the pacific coast
llanos alarge grassy treeless area in south america.
cerrado a flat terraine that has moderate rainfall.
pampas a vast area of grassland and rich soil in south central america .
orinoco river a river mainly in venezuela and a part of south america.
amazon river the second largest river in the world.
parana river a ship canal cut trough panama connecting the caribbian sea with the pacific.
rain forest a forest located in the tropical zone.
slash-and-burn a way of cleaning feilds for planting by cutting trees,and bushes.
terraced farming an anceint technique for growing crops on hill sides.
push factors a factor that causes people to move away from their homes.
pull factors a factor that pulls or attracts people to another location.
infrastructure a basic support system needed to keep an economy going.
spanish conquest the conquering of the native americans by the spanish
tenochtitlan the acient aztec capital ,site of mexico city today
institutional revolutionary party thepolititial party introduced in 1929 in mexico that helped to introduce democracy.
mestizo the central platue of spain.
maquiladoras a factory in mexico that assembles imported materials into finished goods.
NAFTA an important trade agreement creating a huge zone of cooperation.
cultural hearth the place of origon of a major culture.
united provinces of central america the name of central america after the reigon declaired independance from mexico.
panama canal a ship canal cut through panama connecting the caribbean sea with the pacific ocean.
calypso a style of music that began in trinidad.
reggae a style of music created in jumacia.
informal economy takes place of outside official channels.
inca a member of the quechen peoples of south america.
quechua the language of the inca empire
mercosur south american culture,religion
treatty of tordesillas a treaty between spain and portugal in 1494.
carnival the most colorful feast day in brizil.
samba a brizillian dance with african influances.
capoeira a martial art and dance that developed in brizil from angonlas.
biodiversity the variety of organisms within an ecosystem.
deforestation the cutting down and clearing away trees and forest.
global warming the build up of carbon dioxid in the atmosphere.
debt-for-nature swap a debt reducing deal wherein an oraganizaton agrees to pay off a certain amount.
oligrachy a government run by few persons or small groups.
junta a government ran by generals after a military takeover.
caudillo a military dictator or politicial boss.
land reform the process of breaking up large landholdings to attain a more balanced land distrubution amoung farmers.
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