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test 5


menarche a girls first period
spemarche boys first ejaculation
hormone chemical substance produced by body tissue and conveyed via bloodstream
pituatary respond to signal from hypothalamus by producing hormones; control adrenal and sex glands
adrenal glands stress hormone
testoterone male hormone
estradiol chef hormone for estrogen
circadian rhythm day-night cycle of biological activity
leptin hormone that affects appetite; affect on sight of puberty; peak at 12
growth spurt rapid physical growth that occur during puberty
primary sex characteristics directly involved in reproduction
secondary sex characteristics physical traits not directly involved in reproduction but indicate sexual maturity
body image person idea of how his or her body looks
anorexia nervosa self-starvation
bulimia nervosa binge eating and purging
adolescent egocentrism young people focus on themselves and exclude others (everyone is looking at me)
personal fable belief that his or her feelings are unique than anyone else
invincibility fable belief that it cant happen to me
imaginary audience belief that adolescent is the center of attention; make teenagers self conscious
formal operational thought systematic logical thinking and ability to manipulate abstract ideas
hypothetical thought reasoning that includes propositions and possibilities that may not reflect reality
deductive reasoning reasoning from general statement followed by logic to draw conclusion
inductive reasoning reasoning from one or more experiences
dual-process model two networks exist within the human brain; one for emotional and one for analytical
intuitive thought thought that comes from an emotion beyond rational explanation and influenced by past experiences
analytic thought result from analysis; ranking pro and cons; depend of logic and rationality
entity approach to intelligence sees ability as innate; effort doesn't enhance achievement
incremental approach to intelligence intelligence can be increased by effort
high stakes test determines whether a student will pass or fail
PISA international test taken by 15 year olds in 50 nations to measure cognition and problem solving
identity vs role condition erikson fifth stage; "who am i?'
identity achievement attainment of identity
role confusion dont know or care what identity is
foreclosure adolescent adopt parental values without question
moratorium adolescent choice of socially acceptable ways of identity achievement "going to college"
deviancy training destructive peer support
familism family members should support one another
clinical depression hopelessness that last two weeks or more
rumination constantly thinking about past experiences
suicidal ideation thinking about suicide
parasuicide lethal action against oneself that doesnt lead to death
life course persistent offender career criminal
adolescent limited offender criminal activity stops at 21
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